AO: Dawn Patrol
Workout Date: 01/12/23

Having The Dawn Patrol Q Sheet go “read-only” was a great excuse for Spin Class to reach out to former site Q (and Q sheet owner) Shaggy to see what was up. While getting that issue resolved, Spin somehow sweet talked Shaggy into taking a break from Green Flash and instead getting back in the Q saddle at Dawn Patrol.

-Warm Ups
-Partner Suicides – one runs while the other rotates through merkins/squats/LBCs x10 each. Flapjack.
-Plank hold for the six
-Everyone runs backwards across both courts, carioca back facing right on the first court, facing left on the second court
-Run the big loop to the wooden walkway by the pond for irkins/derkins/one legged squats/derkins that were really irkins/real derkins
-Mosey to the old soccer field. One group planks while the other group runs out and back, doing 3 burpees at the turnaround. Flapjack.
-Next round one group jump squats while the other group runs out and back, performing 5 jump squats at the turnaround. Flapjack.
-Next round, one group does AMRAP burpees while the other group runs out and back with no exercise at the turnaround. Flapjack.
-Mosey to baseball field. Field locked. Mosey to shelter instead.
-Dips x12 IC, LRSUs x20 IC, Dips x15 IC, (The Johnny Utah Special) Hang Ten (ab hold prone with only upper body on a bench), and Peoples chair while Shaggy gave a little Dawn Patrol history lesson.
-Mosey to swings for pullups. One partner does pullups while other partner does an exercise. Flapjack. Twice? Kind of fell apart at the end.
-Back to front basketball court for Mary, plus odd reps of burpees. 1 Burpee, LBCs? x20 IC , 3 Burpees, Protractor with various angles, 5 Burpees, American Hammers x12 IC (until backs gave out)

Welcome new site Qs Believer and BuzzFeed, whether they want the job or not
1/16 Double Down opportunity: Post your regular AO then come to Chavis Park 0700-0800 for an MLK extra beatdown and service project + coffee and food afterwards at Neighbor 2 Neighbor (also Shaggy’s mom’s 80th birthday!)
Uncommon Bonds on 2/11, more details to come
Prayers for Knoxville brother Cardinal’s family and friends and those PAX present when he collapsed and died during his VQ yesterday (1/11/23)
Prayers for In Laws travelling from Florida to come home in Father In Law’s final days, an M with breast cancer, a father with serious health issues in the hospital

Naked Moleskin (remember that?)
Great to have Shaggy back and see some friends from Green Flash and General Assembly who used to come to Dawn Patrol before those AOs were options. Nice to reminisce about the Dawn Patrol early days and Costco (also former site Q) and Epoxy. I agree with Shaggy, backblasts are a pain, but they are wonderful time capsules.

QIC: Pigpen
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Workout Date: 01/12/23