If someone at your first workout didn’t already tell you, FNG stands for “Friendly New Guy”. What did you think it stood for?

Joining F3 can be a bit overwhelming at first, so the goal of this page is to give you everything you need to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Don’t have much time? Check out this quick video on what exactly F3 is all about. (Yes, the same video is on the Welcome page, we kinda think its a big deal)


Now that you’ve joined this virtuous cult brotherhood, it’s important to stay connected on what is going on and how we’re invigorating male community leadership.

Mailing List

Now that you’re officially a member of F3 & F3 Raleigh, fill out this form so we can collect some contact information from you and give you a more formal welcome and more information.


We’ve set up a mailing list just so we can keep in contact with major things; new workout locations (AOs), social events, and/or volunteer opportunities. We try to send out a monthly newsletter that covers these items.

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The F3 Raleigh region is slowly adopting Slack to be the primary tool for all things communication. Join our Slack channel, especially the #fng channel, to connect with PAX from across the region and other guys who also recently joined! Click here to  Join our Slack group.


Twitter is going to be your go-to when it comes to F3 Raleigh communication. Most PAX have a personal Twitter handle, and most, if not all AO’s have their own Twitter handle. Take a look at the fitness section of the website to find out the name of the Twitter handle (or take a look at the document below), Site Qs, and to give them a follow!


You’ve made it pretty far on our website already, but make sure to spend some time looking through what all F3 Raleigh has to offer. From our fitness, fellowship, and faith, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with other men in the community.

If someone hasn’t told you today, we love you and we’re excited you’re on this journey with us. See you in the gloom.