Here are all the ways to get in touch with F3 Raleigh leadership, the COMZ/IT team, and your brother PAX!

F3 Raleigh on Twitter

Follow @F3Raleigh on Twitter to keep up with all the latest and greatest news. We strive to re-Tweet updates and news for all AOs, and things of interest to everyone in our Region.

Most AOs have their own Twitter accounts; you can find out more about them by following @F3Raleigh.

F3 Raleigh on Slack

Did you know we have our own Slack workspace at Click here to join us. Reach out to Azul if you’re having trouble or need to be invited!

If you’ve never used Slack before, here’s a great YouTube video on the basics.

Once you’re connected, read our instructions on how to use Slack to communicate.

Contact us directly

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The F3 Raleigh Newsletter, published (approximately) monthly is an outreach program intended to bring news and happenings across the region to over 1,200 PAX. Use the form below to subscribe to the newsletter or to manage your subscription. As always, contact us if you need help.

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