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Workout Schedules

Including the greater Raleigh area, Garner, and Northeast Wake (Wake Forest, Rolesville, Knightdale)


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Monday05000615Stair City Midtown Park at North Hills (the turf behind Chuy’s) Vertical Challenge Frey Daddy/Red Sea
Monday05300615AgogeSEBTSBoot CampFloppy Disk
Monday05300615BroGaNC Museum of Art (1st Lot)Light Running and YogaCountrywide/Gains
Monday05300615Monday MurphGarden at North Hills St.Murph WorkoutAir
Monday05300615SasquatchMordecai Historic ParkBoot CampEl Duce/Saw Horse
Monday05300615The CarlNorth Hills Mall (behind Exxon)Non-running Boot CampBy Committee BYO Kettle Bell
Monday05300615Zero HourJaycee ParkBoot CampMarley/Geisha
Monday05300615Garner StationGarner Recreational ParkBoot CampBouchér
Monday05450630CrucibleWilliams ParkBoot CampOsceola/Pee Dee
Monday05450630North HillsNorth Hills ParkBoot CampD Power/Hollywood
Monday06000645KickstarterLake Lynn Community CenterBoot CampO-Flex/Spurrier


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Tuesday05300615BandwidthAbbotts Creek Community CenterBoot CampSpit-Valve
Tuesday05300615Black SheepSouth Garner ParkBoot CampDecoy
Tuesday05300615Lourdes of DisciplineOur Lady of LourdesHigh-tempo Boot CampMacGruber/Leandro
Tuesday05300615The RockHoly Trinity ChurchHigh-tempo Boot CampProjectile/Dr. Quinn
Tuesday05300615The TrudgeHealing Transitions Parking LotLimited-run Boot Camp (FNG-friendly)Dow/Yukon Cornelius
Tuesday05300615True GritShelley Lake (lower parking lot)Boot CampElmer Fudd/Deliverance
Tuesday05300615Diver Down Pullen Aquatic Center SwimmingGepetto
Tuesday05300615The GroveCorner of Big Falls Dr & Mallard Trace DrRuckStairway
Tuesday05300630Hi-FidelityCarroll Middle School (track)Run-specificBuzzfeed/Keeper
Tuesday05450630The ForgePullen ParkBoot CampKatahdin/Hope Solo


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Wednesday05300615Anchor TimeCorner of Oberlin & FairviewBoot CampMotorboater/Hot Tub Time Machine
Wednesday05300615Ball BearingsFletcher ParkBoot CampWhite Shoe
Wednesday05300615The BlitzCarroll Middle School (back lot)Kettle BellFault
Wednesday05300615QuarantineWake Tech North CampusBoot CampRio/Hooter
Wednesday05300615SchoolhouseGarner High SchoolBoot CampTent City
Wednesday05300630EthanolCrabtree Valley Mall Front EntranceRun-specificHigh Life
Wednesday05450630DetentionHoneycutt ParkBoot CampG-String/Higgins
Wednesday05450630Urban JungleNorth Hills Mall (behind Exxon)Boot CampMy Precious/Battery
Wednesday06000645The CrickBrier Creek Community CenterBoot CampKanye/Birkenstock


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Thursday05300615ExcaliburKnightdale Station ParkBoot CampShark Bait
Thursday05300615General AssemblyEdenton St. side of CapitolBoot CampJimmer/Snowbird
Thursday05300615Green FlashGreen Elementary SchoolBoot CampZima
Thursday05300615The JudgeNC Museum of Art (1st Lot)Strength+Conditioning+AgilityBen Johnson/Fava Bean
Thursday05300615Max BandwidthAbbotts Creek Community CenterHigh Tempo Boot CampSpit-Valve
Thursday05300615Pony ExpressAldert Root Elementary Parking Lot on Lassiter Mill Rd.Run with Pain StationsPopeye
Thursday05300615Tequila SunriseMidtown Park at North Hills (the turf behind Chuy’s)Non-run Boot Camp/StretchingFranzia/Boitano
Thursday05300615AquamanOptimist PoolSwimmingMadoff
Thursday05300620RicochetRoanoke ParkAll Speeds Welcome RunningHorsehair/Shelter-in-Place
Thursday05300630GuacalatteGreystone Shopping CenterRun-specificCDC/Pygmy
Thursday05450630Dawn PatrolLaurel Hills ParkBoot CampSpin Class/Vortex
Thursday17451830Dark KnightYMCA at Knightdale StationBoot CampTool Time


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Friday05150600Fight ClubFletcher ParkCombine (BYOKB)Frank Norris
Friday05300615Brick CityNeighbor to NeighborBasketball Boot CampYoda/Screen Time
Friday05300615Boiler RoomHerritage High SchoolBoot CampBilo
Friday05300615Flood ZoneCrabtree Valley Mall (Panera Bread)Tempo Boot CampKeillor/Rockport
Friday05300630TahoeNorth Hills (Panera Bread)Distance Run Boot CampRon Mexico/Kermit
Friday05300715Ruck A JoeCup A JoeRuckGnard Dogg
Friday05450630JuggernautBaileywick ParkBoot CampSquirts/Ramen
Friday06000700Late NightOur Lady of LourdesBoot CampCornrow/Summer of Love
Friday14301500The ArenaHealing TransitionsBoot CampDuff


Day of WeekStart TimeEnd TimeSite NameLocationWorkout TypeSite Q (Link to Sign-Up Sheet)
Saturday06000700Deep SixOptimist PoolSwimmingDice
Saturday06000700WhiplashNC Museum of Art (1st Lot)High Tempo Boot CampFrey Daddy
Saturday06150700QuickhatchBrier Creek Community CenterRuckCandlestick
Saturday07000800The ClarionLake Myra ElementaryFNG-Friendly Boot CampIverson
Saturday07000800Weekend CrickBrier Creek Community CenterBoot CampKanye/Birkenstock
Saturday07000800The FarmMain Street ParkBoot CampLucky
Saturday07000800CatalystCarroll Middle SchoolBoot CampCaptain Kangaroo/Turkish Bath
Saturday07100800Brother’s KeeperSE Raleigh YMCABoot CampHash Brown/Don’t Fix It
Saturday07150800AmbassadorChavis ParkBoot CampMy Pleasure/No Sugar


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