Faith (3rd F Gatherings)

3rd F GatheringDayTimeLocationTypeQIC
The ForumMonday1200Panera BreadBible StudyGrady/Friar Tuck
The Thin PlaceEvery 2nd and 4th Monday1930ZoomDiscussionChong Li (Text Chong Li for details)
QSourceWednesday0600Dunkin Donuts at Capital Blvd & DurantQSource EducationChet
QSourceFriday0630Panera Bread (at Flood Zone)QSource EducationMan Ram
Disaster OpsSaturday0700Location will changeHome BuildingBurger Feet/Borland
QSourceEvery 2 Sundays1900905 Bennington DriveQSource EducationCoco Crisp/Tinkertoy

Hey, what’s QSource?