AO: Urban Jungle
Workout Date: 01/18/23
Larry David reached out this weekend to let me know he had a potential Kotter and FNG coming to Urban Jungle this week, both definitely in the Respect range. I thought he was just excited about the workout, but turns out he also wanted me to not lose them in any stairwells if they showed. When I checked in on Tuesday, things were looking iffy, but they both made it! Welcome and disclaimer, let’s go!

The Workout
-Warm Up
-Mosey to Rock Pile for a 10-15-15 pyramid of Curls, Overhead Presses, Triceps Extensions, Bent Over Rows, and Complexes. Rotate two rocks left between 10 and 15, rotate back for final 10.
-Run Jacks at Target. Partner up and stick together. Run a lap size of your choice, then 1-3-1 ratio of merkin-LBC-merkin. Repeato, increasing to 2-6-2, 3-6-9, etc. up to 10-30-10. (Somehow YHC miscounted and I was one lap short! *facepalm* Strava don’t lie.)
-Mosey up the stairs and escalator back to start
-2 Burpees OYO

Naked Moleskin
Welcome FNG Jack Black. LD pushed really hard for Blackjack, but the crowd thought the name was too cool. My suggestion of Queen of Hearts didn’t go anywhere. Great story about being from Jersey and a shared trip to Atlantic City. Jersey Shore names were suggested, somebody kept saying Chicken Man. The PAX came back with Jack Black.
Great to have Garmin back in the Gloom! Eight years since his last post, according to LD.
Both men are fraternity brothers of LD (as well as Ma Bell and Goose in Carpex). Great job getting them out!
QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Hope Solo, Peach Pit, Larry David, Garmin, Mortimer, Nemo, Cheney, My Precious, Deuce, Turkish Bath, Sheehey, Billy Goat, Foot Fault, Shake N Bake, El Camino, Rain Man, 8 Mile, Vortex, Jack Black, Pigpen
Workout Date: 01/18/23