This is the fourth in a series of backblasts that YHC is writing a month or so late as I got caught up in Snowbird’s March Madness Challenge and Backblasts got put on the Back-burner.

March Madness update… No FNGs for either myself or Boitano so far. I’ve got a narrow lead.

I have been postponing my Q at The Blitz since it is an extra challenge to prepare and Q. The extra March Madness credit for Qing a non-traditional workout, however, was what finally pushed me to go ahead and sign up at the beginning of the month. Have you ever heard a song and thought, “I must Q The Blitz with this song on the playlist?”. That’s what happened to me with The Killer’s song “The Man”. Somewhere along the way, however, Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” switched me over to a Wild West theme and my “The Man”-themed playlist, with its accompanying workout will have to wait.

Warm Up:
Give the mission statement, check for FNGs, give the disclaimer, and warm up:
It’s been a month, but I’m pretty sure I did my standard warm up here…

Main Event
1) Dora 1-2-3. My memory is fuzzy, especially since I just finished Qing Hell’s Bells in Carpex with a variation on this. I think it was 100 Chest Presses, 200 Kettlebell Little Baby Crunches, 300 Squats. Running partner runs to far end of parking lot and back. I lifted this bit from Cinderella’s last Blitz Q.
2) Count off in 5s and split up for the usual five station workout with the group in the middle doing 40 or 50 merkins before pushing everyone to the next station. Does this set up have a name? It should. I’ve seen it plenty of times at Blitz Qs. The other stations performed As Many Reps As Possible of an exercise. We changed up exercises once everyone cycled through each station. Lots of different exercises, I don’t remember them all. Nothing too fancy. KB Swings, State Farm’s favorite Skull Crushers, Curls, single arm bent over rows, snatches, etc.

Various Mary exercises. I don’t remember which ones.

14 PAX
Prayers for Azul, also Daughters and Mothers.
I don’t remember who took us out. Cobains.

Naked Moleskin:
Hacksaw’s stage name is “Big Iron”. Who knew?
I really enjoyed putting the playlist together. I hope everyone else enjoyed it. I tested it with my daughter multiple times and she gave it the thumbs up.
This is the last day of the March Madness challenge. One more workout to go, Thunder in South Wake.
My next #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q is Thunder on 3/31. (Tonight!)

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Boitano, Captain Kangaroo, CashPoints, Elmer Fudd, Flush, Gnard Dogg, Hacksaw, Life Alert, ManRam, Mister Rogers, Pigpen, Sheehey, State Farm, Steroid
Workout Date: 03/31/21