Magic Dick FNGs the F3Blitz playlist on Nat’l Bagelfest Day

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26JUL = National Bagelfest Day (whatever that is) so we paid tribute to our Jewish brothers and rock-n-roll heroes with appropriate playlist. Status of specific religious affiliation is according to wikipedia and other online sources without a whole lot of fact-checking. (Forgive me if not entirely accurate). As usual, I find myself melancholy on Blitz […]

Monkey In The Middle

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Cinderella called this the Rolex of workouts. Cinderella says a lot of things I don’t really understand, but Rolex’s current slogan is, “The Benchmark for Excellence.” This reminded me of the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Like Ricky, when these hearty PAX woke up this morning, they all pissed excellence. Then they grabbed their kettlebells, and […]

The Blitz 5.24.17 aka Brochella 2017

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May 24. National Brothers Day. One might be tempted to think this day is reserved only for those males blessed with familial ties to biological or adopted siblings.  Au contraire, my Au Pair. On this day we decided to honor the most noble of the masculine species – the Bro.  How better to do just that than by throwing steel in […]

You Can Go Home Again

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Notwithstanding anything Thomas Wolfe says, in some ways you can come home again. Day 3 of 50th birthday week of Qs brought me to my home AO. The first two days this week found me having to creatively and actively make up ways to challenge the PAX and get their hearts racing, without straying any […]

National Shrimp Day Convergence at Blitz

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May 10 is National Shrimp Day. I know what you were thinking as you woke up. “OMG, are any AOs operating?” “Is there a convergence?” In honor of Nat’l Shrimp Day, our ‘Gnarddian’ playlist today includes artists who are giants in stature in the musical world but according to tape measure…not-so-much (no disrespect, of course. We all […]

The Tabatalitz

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A last minute Q request lead to a last minute workout plan. And the first thing that I thought of doing was an all Tabata session. Why? I don’t know why. I like the Tabata. Just like I liked the video above making fun of Crossfiters, but I don’t know why I included it in […]