Warm up
Fazio Arm x10 Forward/Reverse
Bell Good Mornings (Dead lift) x 15 IC
Figure 8s OYO ~1 minute

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute), then recover for the balance of minute
Set 1
Odd Minute – KB Swing x 20
Even Minute – Burpee x12
Repeat for 9 mins

Set 2
Odd Minute – KB Swing x5, High Pull x5, Squat Press x5
Even Minute – Lunge – R (rack on left) x5, Lunge – L (rack on right) x5, Merk-on-Bell x5
Repeat for 9 mins

Set 3
Odd Minute – 1H Swing-R x 10, 1H Swing-L x 10
Even Minute -1H Clean/Press- R x5, 1H Clean/Press- L x5
Repeat for 9 mins

Set 4
Odd Minute – 2H Curl x10, 2H Press x10
Even Minute – Goblet Squat x10, Star Jump x10
Repeat for 9 mins

BellBC x 15 IC
Slow Hammer w/ Bell – x10 IC

Tiger Beat prayed us out

Playlist included music about Chicago, bands from Chicago (or nearby), soundtrack from movies/tv set in Chicago.
1. Peter Gunn Theme – Blues Brothers soundtrack
2. Chicago – Frank Sinatra
3. Theme from “Good Times” tv show
4. Hard to Say I’m Sorry – Chicago
5. Everyone Needs Somebody to Love – Blues Brothers
6. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Jim Croce
7. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
8. I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick
9. What a Wonderful World – Sam Cooke
10. Lorelai – Styx
11. In the Ghetto – Elvis
12. Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon
13. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man- Muddy Waters
14. 1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins
15. Oh Yeah – Yello

Chicago was supposed to be the swan song marathon. Hit my PR and hang ’em up. I trained harder for this one that I had in any of the previous 13.  Dropped ~25 lbs, ran my longs, pre-ran most every F3 workout I attended during the week (TG, BZ, GF) and also hit the Carroll track after 9pm to get the speedwork in a couple times per week. The last month or two was derailed with an injury here or there and finally a nice little hamstring pull a week prior. My sister-in-law got me into her PT so that I could get jabbed with needles just so I could get to the starting line. After a week of downtime, things seemed somewhat ok. On race day I took a load of pharmaceuticals on the Orange Line train the Loop and hoped I was good to go. The first 8 miles were fantastic. The following 2 were darned impressive and felt that I found the sweet spot. Then things went bad. Legs were unresponsive and the day got hot fast. At 12 I literally wondered how the %&@# I was going to finish out the last 14+ miles. It was the soonest I had ever blown up at a marathon. It was the worst/most painful thing that I have ever put my body through so I guess I should be pretty happy about crossing the finish line. And, hey … it wasn’t my worst time! Although things didn’t turn out like they were supposed to for me at the Chicago Marathon I still consider it one of the better experiences in my recent life. And I can thank a lot of you guys for that. I received many notes/tweets of support during the days leading up to Sunday the 8th (probably knowing it could get bad) and it really kept me pushing through on those last 14. The residents of the 29 neighborhoods of Chicago that lined the streets were an absolute godsend as well. Especially those in the later miles. In the days immediately afterward, I said that Chicago destroyed me. Upon reflection I now say that Chicago gave me strength, love, and hope.

Against my better judgement I think that I will stay un-retired and make another run at the 26.2 PR in the near future.