Ease on down the Silk Road with me, won’t you?

The PAX kept rolling into the parking lot at Carroll, until 26 strong took on the gloom (kotters to Quagmire and Swingline). Was it a site record for the Blitz? That was the mumblechatter, at least. I need an official ruling from Gnard Dogg or Cut Me Mick to confirm. Regardless, it was an intimidating, motley crew. YHC was accused of finding some of the more awkward exercises in the nether regions of the dark web, but I swear they are all legit, and none are copyrighted nor patented. If you mine me some bitcoin, I’m happy to share other kettlebell exercises from my intellectual property stash. Enough jibber jabber, onto the thang…


  • SSH X15
  • Mtn Climber X20
  • Fig8 X10 frontwards and backwards
  • KB Good Mornings X10
  • Bob n’ Weave X15
  • Jog down the stairs and back up

Round 1

  • 2 armeded swings X20
  • KB quick feet X20
  • Clean n’ press X10 each arm
  • Suitcase rows X15 each arm
  • KB MerkBurps X15
  • Partner Sumo Squat Jumps / Carolina Defense – backwards run approx 10 yards b4 full out sprint to hopelessly try to catch the imaginary wideout zooming past you

Round 2

  • 1 armeded swing to figure 4 combo X10 each arm
  • Shot putt squat presses X10 each arm
  • Bent rows X15 each arm
  • Deadlifts X5 each leg
  • Snatches X10 each arm
  • Backwards bear crawl down stairwell, yog up the ramp and back to the vestibule/breezeway area

Round 3 (ISS spotted overhead)

  • 60 KB chest presses, OYO
  • 10 slow burn curls4thagurls
  • 15 skull crushers in honor of no-show Cinderella
  • 15 kneeling OH presses
  • 5 one-legged cleans per leg

Round 4 (abbreviated due to time constraints)

  • 15 wall derkins
  • 15 dangling ball wall squats
  • 20 lil’ baby oblique kb crunches
  • 20 V-ups
  • 20 KB chest presses

I think I’m missing 4 PAX from the list above, so pls sound off and let me know.

No announcements. Orwell led us out with the kind of prayer that’ll carry you through your day.

QIC: Fault
Workout Date: 09/20/17
The PAX: Vila, Tuck, Fazio, Quagmire, Tinactin, Swingline, Orwell, Fudd, Macgruber, Waldo, Joule, Captain K, Hairball, Fungo, Ron Burgundy, Myrtle, Gnard Dogg, Tarp, Shaggy, State Farm, Oswald


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