73 and humid on the Carroll Middle School grounds

5 for pre-work on the track. Most did at least 8×400.

Dead lift x 10
Around the world oyo CW, CCW
Halo oyo CW, CCW
Imperial Walker IC x10
Mountain Climber IC x10

EMOM (every minute on the minute). Perform specified exercises and recover for the balance of the minute. When next minute starts perform those and recover for the balance of minute, repeato. ALL exercises are done ELEVEN TIMES (unless otherwise specified) in homage to the classic of 20th century cinema, ‘This Is Spinal Tap,’ and specifically the scene in Nigel Tufnel’s guitar room when he was showing Marty DiBergi his amplifier (Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner respectively). Music playlist was all Spinal Tap. Ascending numbers below indicate minute number.

1. KB Press-Right, KB Press-Left, 2-Hand KB Press
2. KB Swing, Snatch-Right
3. KB Press-Right, KB Press-Left, 2-Hand KB Press
4. KB Swing, Snatch-Left
5. Burpees
6. Row-Right, Row-Left, 2-Hand Row
7. KB Swing, Snatch-Right
8. Row-Right, Row-Left, 2-Hand Row
9. KB Swing, Snatch-Left
10. Run dumpster loop
11. 2H Curl, 2H TricepExt, 2H Curl
12. KB Swing, Snatch-Right
13. 2H TricepExt, 2H Curl, 2H TricepExt
14. KB Swing, Snatch-Left
15. Burpees
16. Lunge-Right, Lunge-Left
17. KB Swing, Snatch-Right
18. Lunge-Right, Lunge-Left
19. KB Swing, Snatch-Right
20. Run dumpster loop
21. KB Press-Right, KB Press-Left
22. KB Swing, Squat-to-High Pull
23. 2H KB Press x20
24. KB Swing, Squat-to-High Pull
25. Burpees
26. Row-Right, Row-Left
27. KB Swing, Squat-to-High Pull
28. 2H Row x20
29. KB Swing, Squat-to-High Pull
30. Run dumpster loop
31. WWII situp x20
32. Double count Freddie Mercury x20
33. WWII situp x20
34. Double count Freddie Mercury x20
35. Burpees
36. Run dumpster loop

Bob Vila took us out

Good job by all. It was a tough one…maybe somewhat impossible to fit all the exercises inside a minute and get a little recovery. It will definitely need some tweaking. Wendell was cross with me for not including ‘Cups and Cakes’ in the playlist. So the setlist as well as the playlist will need to be worked on. Look out for THE NIGEL v2.0!

1. Tonight I’m Going To Rock You Tonight
2. Big Bottom
3. Hell Hole
4. Sex Farm
5. Stonehenge
6. Gimme Some Money
7. Heavy Duty
8. Rock and Roll Creation
9. Bitch School
10. Majesty of Rock
11. Cash on Delivery
12. Stinkin’ Up the Great Outdoors