YHC was impressed with the CARPEX support for JOCO back in our infancy and wanted to eventually return the favor. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try to bring Little Betsy (Big Tire) and Old Faithful (even bigger tire) but figured go big or go home.  I wanted to lay a good beatdown but also knew my father was also planning on being there and wanted to make sure we had modifications ready for the PAX.  With a plan in place, recon via satellite YHC was ready to return the favor.

EC: Carpex posted that EC sometimes started at 5:15 AM, YHC arrived but parked in the wrong parking lot.  Wrench had also arrived early and was smashing his tire (To be named) with a sledgehammer. YHC got his tires in place and told him to save some for the bootcamp as YHC chased after the PAX heading toward Maynard. 7 Miles later YHC wasn’t able to catch the EC crew but was able to do some good recon for the beatdown.  With about 5 minutes to spare YHC came back into the parking lot suprised by the large turn out.

The Thang:

Warm up: SSH, Cotton pickers, Butt kickers, Fazzio’s arm circles (forward/backward) Cadence 10-15.

Tire Relay: PAX split into 3 teams and with each turn flipping mosey to end of parking lot for 10 Plank Jacks before returning for another flip. Modify by teaming up to flip the tire.

Plank-a-rama for the six

Repeat with Tire relay but with 5 Burpees with each flip and the PAX trading tires for a different size tire. Modify with 5 Merkins and 5 squats for each flip.

Pair up and get a strap to be used later  (Several PAX thought I was just trying to mess with their head).

PAX said goodbye to YHC’s Mom and was impressed the PAX behaved throughout.  She thought you all were “Such Nice Men”. haha

PAX mosey down to the field of dreams to the largest possible hill (found out later it had a “keep off slope sign”).  Up/downs with PAX call until the Six came in.

Partner Bear crawl: 1 partner crawls up and down the hill while other partner does SSH and then switch. (Some PAX started to use a slide technique on the way down which proved faster but not necessarily easier).  Repeat 2 to 3 rounds depending on speed on the PAX.

YHC could resist performing some Smurf jacks (in honor of my good friend ENC Papa Smurf) 10 in cadence.

Mosey down to Baseball field with return trips throughout to pick up the six.

PAX requested Q to move next section to the naked grass (so soft you should roll around butt naked in it).  YHC complied but knew we would return to the dirt infield.

SHOW ME THE MONEY: In sucession 10 Tuck Jumps, 10 Jumping Lunges, 10 Merkins on the Q’s up or down.  10 count recovery. Rinse and repeat.  (Modify with squats, stationary lunge, Knee Merkin)

Mosey to infeild for Animal House:

Bear Crawl to 1st base (10 Merkins), Crab walk to 2nd Base (10 Tuck ups), Duck walk to 3rd (10 squats), sideways Bear crawl to home base (10 Burpees). Plank for the six.   Good to see the PAX modifying as needed with the exercises.

Strap time: Find your partner again and place strap around their waist and either power walk, run, or sprint for 15-20 sec and then switch. with about .5 mile back to the flag 3 group Indian run with one turn back to pick up the six.   With the PAX together YHC called Jailbreak for the sprint back to the shovel flag.   Plank for the six.

5 min left which was just enough for some Mary: WWI (keep back tight), Freddy Mercury, Heels to heaven, and LBC’s 20x In Cadence.

Finished up with “Have a nice day”

COT/BOM: Prayer for family illness, Crab Legs, Cancer treatments, Prayer for brothers with addiction

Annoucements: Sasquach in ENC, BRR, Future workouts

It was pleasure and hope to be back soon!  See you in the gloom!  Apologize for slaughtering the names but you guys need to speak clearly on video, haha.