What is QSource?


F3 QSource: Being Prepared to Be a Virtuous Leader


  • Q1/GET RIGHT: the pursuit of proper personal alignment
  • Q2/LIVE RIGHT: the dedication to Purposefulness
  • Q3/LEAD RIGHT: the practice of Virtuous Leadership
  • Q4/LEAVE RIGHT: the construction of Legacy

The F3 Raleigh PAX have worked our way through to the second quadrant and continue each week with a new Q point. Q source continues to meet every week!


  • Wednesdays at 0600, at Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Capital Blvd. and Durant Road
  • Fridays at 0615 (after Flood Zone) at Panera Bread in Crabtree Valley Mall

QIC: Azul
Workout Date: 00/00/00
The PAX: Azul


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