Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

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5 for 4 Extra Credit before the gun sounded today: Callahan, Hermes, Flip Flop, Shutin, Old Maid ShutIn Q’d the 4-mile squad, with 5 covering solid ground with some new faces joining the fun.  How many did #8mile? 4 souls locked in for 5ish miles this morning.  This was after 4 extra credit that rolled out […]

Sleds, Hills and Running

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Things are starting to really come together at SNS. This morning was a prime example of that. 3 different groups got some work in and all met back towards the end for some Mary and some COT. YHC was a bit surprised by some in the running groups…actually shocked. No names shall be mentioned here but […]

Fake Pain

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Hard to believe that it is been three years since YHC first posted at Pullen Park, 25 pounds ago and counting. While YHC is ever grateful for Wonk and CK, he continues to pay it forward and give the gift of pain. YHC does not remember much about that first day, it was cold, snow […]

Pick Your Poison

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39 PAX including 1 FNG gathered round the flag this morning.  Second week of THE SPLIT.  SNS has the standard boot camp workout and has added a running only workout “Vesper” in an attempt to alleviate the large numbers.  The PAX huddled and shuffled and decided what would be their fate for the morning.  11 […]

2 Guest Q’s

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*Posted on behalf of Water Wings and Biner (hence the reason it’s three times shorter than what I usually post)* The men of the PAX gathered in the gloom of unusual warmth. 29 men gathered in 65 degree weather wondering what the 2 VQ’s (Biner and Water Wings) had in store. Warm-Up: Biner began by […]

SNS De-Thawing

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QIC coming off 4 month IR and has posted twice in 2017.  QIC was feeling good about the progress of his knee injury, and his ego was as swollen as Riptide’s ankle.  Ego was then humbled secondary to last night Twitter mumble chatter, as well as continuous teasing during his Q today.  Back to reality […]

Heading to New Hampshire

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50 degress in January and no rain welcomed 33 PAX, including 1 FNG to SNS and a new shovel flag (well done Bartman). With a quick awkward disclaimer not to sue to YHC’s younger brother, the FNG we were off! PS, If you want to test your Q limits, Q SNS before it gets split. […]

When plans go awry…

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17 PAX enjoyed a ClusterQ from the creator of the term “ClusterQ”. Yeah, it was that kind of morning. 43ish degrees and clear skies greeted the PAX. YHC checked the watch…dead. Perfect…hey Burt, what time is it? After watching an internal struggle to round up to 5:45 or give us another 10 seconds, YHC decided […]