Fake Pain

Hard to believe that it is been three years since YHC first posted at Pullen Park, 25 pounds ago and counting. While YHC is ever grateful for Wonk and CK, he continues to pay it forward and give the gift of pain. YHC does not remember much about that first day, it was cold, snow and slush everywhere, some man carries up to the tennis courts with Floppy disk, some 11s in the parking deck, and the longest Mary ever sitting in a puddle of slush are remembered. YHC was hooked. These guys represented everything YHC had been looking for for the last 25 years and just could not put my finger on it nor have the inspiration to create.

YHC is ever thankful for Dredd amd OBT, Howard for having the drive to do a mud run and his son finding F3 on a meet-up group, F3 launching in Raleigh. Thankful for meeting Wonk at church and our conversation, including now Jolly Rancher, sharing F3 and it’s benefits for man at a time when Jolly Rancher and YHC were trying to recruit Wonk to help us with a father daughter dance at church. Thankful for running into Wonk in the halls of church on a regular basis for several months reminding YHC he could do it.

YHC is thankful for the snow fall at North Cary park on Friday the 14th 3 years ago, thankful for having a sled that CKs son was interested in riding, thankful for the conversation with CK where something was said “isn’t that the 3F group? “Thankful for CK telling me, “I’ll meet you here tomorrow at 6:20”. Nothing was said about gloves, how to dress, many of the things I now know. YHC knew it would be cold, with snow on the ground, and jumped at the opportunity…with $1.99 miracle gloves from Walmart.

Since that time, YHC continues to pay it forward whenever possible. There have been numerous men invited, some are very regulars, some have shown up once or twice, one has become the Carpex Nantan, F3 is what changed my life.

As part of paying it forward, YHC continues to Q on this anniversary.

The goal for today was to be epic, courageous, daring, painful, tough, difficult. Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you have only had wonderful things happen to you.

3 EC runners arrive (Calli, Large, and Shutty). There were no FNGs, some new faces (Oofta), some old faces not seen in a while, Beaker, GTL, Shank, and well most of the pax. But there were no FNGs, and we were off.

Mosey towards the main entrance gate with a stop on the way for warm-up: SSH, Mountain climbers, low plank hold, Imperial Walker.

Gather at the gate for “10 cubed”: backwards run to top of hill, 10 burpees, run down the hill, 10 Merkins, repeat 10 x. Mumble chatter came to a crescendo. Only Grease Monkey completed all 10 rounds when time was up. Hammers and LBCs waiting on the 6s.

Run to Sertoma shelter for 30 slow slow cc Capt Marvels and 24 bench top in/outs.

Run to Kiosk for AYG backward run to top, plank waiting for 6s. Vesper shows up like a whisper and we mosey over to Billy Run Rd (with all respects, honors and glories to the IR pax). Grab a seat with back to Sr Center, YHC shouts GO, and they were off. Grease and Rotary have some wheels.

Circle up with the Vespers for Mary. 30 men, 10 Vespers and 20 SNS. Crimson with 6″ leg hold, Brussels with WWII, and Red Dawn with hammers.

Prayers to Flip Flop and his mothers very ill health, Water Wings wife, Billy and quick recovery, and several others.

Announcements. Coco guest Q this Saturday at Phoenix paying up on UNCheat loss to U.K., Flirtin’ with Disaster launch Tues Feb 21, Mule March 4, Bull April 1, and YHC & MaBell leading F3 launch in Birmingham AL May 20 and welcoming any and all pax to join us.

YHC took us out.
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”
2-Timothy-1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.

YHC apologizes to the finest at Refinery, following SNS. Urgent call from M was missed, car would not start.

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