Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

5 for 4 Extra Credit before the gun sounded today: Callahan, Hermes, Flip Flop, Shutin, Old Maid

ShutIn Q’d the 4-mile squad, with 5 covering solid ground with some new faces joining the fun.  How many did #8mile?

4 souls locked in for 5ish miles this morning.  This was after 4 extra credit that rolled out at 5:05am with Callahan at the helm.  173% humidity and 65 degrees made for a bit of a swim through the gloom.  Denali and Michelob took the lead early and only looked back when they circled back for us with 0.5 miles to go.  Great run this morning guys, with a little more speedwork we might be able to eke out 6 miles by the end of the summer.  Denali made some great suggestions about standardizing our routes and rotating through them.  Will put some thought into that; sounds like Ethanol, and it seems to work for them.

Some of us collapsed on the pavement to await COT, while others ran off towards the kiosk in search of the missing bootcamp PAX.  Not to fear, Burt had them all circled up on the field doing Jack Webbs.  Glad YHC arrived just as they were finishing that hot mess.




Workout Date:
The PAX:


  1. HotSpot

    My favorite part of the Garmin link is the ill advised “Gotta make the light” as we crossed Cary Parkway #almostdied

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