64 and clear. Sounds about right for the 1st day of March in Raleigh at 5:45am. Well, maybe not right but it sure felt good. 13 PAX decided to kick off Ash Wednesday with some self discovery at West Millbrook Middle School. Since all were familiar faces, YHC went with “Follow Me” as the disclaimer.

Off to the track we go for some warm up
SSH x20
GM x10 (my hamstring is still hurting from Crucible on Monday so these were very slow and low)
IW x20
Sir Fazio x11 forward x11 seal claps overhead x11 reverse (no significance to 11, I just spaced out during the forward and like things to be equal)
MC x25

The Mile
Run 200 meters and do 20 Merkins
Run 200 meters and 20 Derkins off the bleachers – squat hold til everyone is back
200 meters 20 diamond merkins
200 meters 20 hand release merkins – squat hold til everyone is back
200 meters 20 prison squats
200 meters 20 star jumps plank til everyone is back
200 meters 20 lunges – everyone squat hold
run last 200 meters together and finish with 20 sumo jump squats

Grab a spot on bleachers for
LRSU x20
Irkins x20
Dips x20
Derkins x20

Line up on goal line of football field
20 merkins run to the 50 yard line
10 Burpees run to the other goal line
20 merkins

run to schoolyard for
Peoples Chair
Bear crawl across courtyard
Balls to the Wall

Back to the football field for same run as last time with
20 prison squats
10 burpees
20 prison squats

Run to the wood benches by the bathroom
LRSU x20
Derkins x20
Dips x20

To the parking lot for:
Freddy Mercurys
Homer to Marge
30 seconds of spine relaxers

Mule is March 4

Prayers for Java’s father and family.
Headgear’s wife’s recovery.

The message of the day was, this IS a race. But you aren’t racing the guy next to you, you are racing yesterday’s version of you. Always strive to be one step better than you were yesterday. That’s the man you should be focused on besting. Today starts the Lenten journey for many of us. Use these 40 days to better understand the man God wants you to be. Strive to get one step closer to that man than you were yesterday.

As always it was an honor lead today.

Grady took us out strong.