It is amazing how fast the morning can get away from you. YHC woke up early, and started milling around the house only to realize I was almost going to miss the Blitz.  (Based on the mumbles and the silence, there are 12 PAX who might have wished I did.) I drove up to the site, gave the disclaimer as I pulled on my shoes and socks, and we were off.

Warm Up
Trunk Twist, 20 x good morning, 15 x prisoners squats

The Thang

Partner up for 3 rounds

  • 30 x one armed swings
  • 20 x Double KB Squat Presses (partner A) – Ski Abs until partner A done (partner B) – flap-jack
  • 5 x ManMakers (partner A) – Starfish Crunch until partner A done (partner B) – flap-jack

3 rounds

  • 5 Slashers (l)
  • 5 Slashers (r)

30 two handed swings
5 Hindu merkins (slow)

Naked Moleskin

That’s it. On paper, it doesn’t look like much.

But thinking about just the 3 x 20 double KB squat-presses and 3 x 5 ManMakers – that works out to 75 overhead presses of between 70#s and 100#s depending upon KB size, with Ski Abs, Swings and Starfish Crunches as our rest. Great, great work by the PAX.

Announcements and Prayers.

Your Graciously,

Cut Me Mick