Sleds, Hills and Running

Things are starting to really come together at SNS. This morning was a prime example of that. 3 different groups got some work in and all met back towards the end for some Mary and some COT. YHC was a bit surprised by some in the running groups…actually shocked. No names shall be mentioned here but YHC has his suspicions why. Anywho, Callahan was there, at least at the beginning. He made sure to point that out so he would be included in the BB. Well there you go Halfsies..I mean Callahan. Speaking of, dude had very polished shoes at the 3rd F during his leading of some fine study of Gallatians. Like, Marine Corps quality shine. Tip o the cap. Things don’t work out at the new job, the dudes at the airport that get those shoes looking dapper would be proud to have old Cally working alongside.

Anyhow, the groups split as they may, fast run, not so fast run and the bootcamp. YHC took the bootcamp group and rounded the corner to find some old friends waiting in the early morning shadows…the sleds. The sleds have now made 6 appearances. YHC’s M is tired of looking at them. They are starting to fall apart, all good reasons to put them in the Chevrolet and bring them out… the men got in pairs and size couldn’t matter more…your pulling your buddy. Get in 2 groups of pairs. 4 pairs got down on some sled work…you would have thought it was an NFL combine out there. The other pairs got some ego rocks and did curls. Every man got 4 turns to pull the sled. Plenty. Legs were swoll….like really swol. Rocks back and stack sleds and fast mosey down hill and to boathouse. Lazy Dora. 100 merks, 200 dips, and 300 sumo squats. Angry Elf pointed out the men got quiet here. Yep. Finish up with planks. Fast mosey back to grassy hill, steepest spot. P1 all you got up the hill and 10 star jumps, P2 hammers. Each man did 3 hill gassers. As a group up hill and back to sleds and share carry these bad boys back to start. This is where we saw the runners, they saw the sleds and knew right away they had chosen correctly. Sled work aint no joke..except for Nature Boy..seriously, he looked like he was on the beach looking for shells he was so easy pulling that thing. Several pax commented on it. He stood straight up. We may need to put Ollie and Bartman on his sled next time to give him any challenge.

20 Frederick Mercury’s and 10 CARPex Homer to Marge.

COT and Prayers

NM: seriously, Callahans shoes you could have styled your hair looking into them. It is always strange to see our brothers in work clothes, non F3 workout stuff. Like these animals stay the way you see them in the am all day everyday. I really don’t want to see McCants in lawyer wear. I like the leg up and one down sweatpants he dons. Ma Bell I have seen in work clothes and that is another prime example. Anyway, Im rambling. Burt was missed this am and had to do some rowing or something like that. More has arms that frighten other men. He almost did the discuss with one of the sleds. Good group this am. Lots of newish and old alike. Perfect. Like New Hampshire in the fall, but not.

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  1. Callahan

    Funny (not funny) story…In high school I got put into the JROTC program because of an administrative mistake after everyone enrolled in electives for Junior year. I told them it was a mistake, and that I was SUPPOSED to be in ceramics class (long story, but the teacher was a major stoner and always had the best stories. Plus she was 25 and was the most beautiful woman I had seen in person up to that point in my life. And I was 16. You do the math). Anyway, I couldn’t get out of JROTC because all the other elective classes were full.

    First day in JROTC, they made us fill out a sheet with our shirt, pants, and shoe sizes – they were issuing uniforms that we had to wear once a week to school. It was the worst. Nothing says loser like wearing fake military uniforms once a week. It’s a small miracle that I never got beat up in high school. I sorta wanted to kick my own a$$.

    But, as I am wont to do, I made the best of the situation. I’m hyper competitive, so I decided I would make this a challenge. We had uniform inspections first thing in the morning, and I took it as a personal challenge to have the best looking shoes in the group (we had our own shoeshine kits – it was legit). I would spend up to an hour the night before uniform day carefully spit-shining my shoes until you could burn an ant to a crisp if you could catch and reflect a sun beam just right. These things were slick.

    A few months into the school year, I starting dating a young lady who was also in the program, although she actually wanted to be part of it. I confided in her my personal challenge to have the spiffiest shoes, so she took it upon herself to challenge me each week. I don’t know what technique she used, but her shoes were lit.

    But, they weren’t as clean as mine.

    One Thursday (I remember it like it was yesterday), we were lining up for inspection and my girlfriend took her spot next to me in line, but as she passed, she tripped on my shoe, and left a disgusting scuff across the entire top of the shoe. I was in utter shock! With less than 30 seconds before I would have my shoes – and for all intents and purposes, my reputation – completely blasted into oblivion, I had to think quickly. But I couldn’t. I was frozen. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t move. I stared down my girlfriend with a “WHAT’D YOU DO?!?!” look. She apologized profusely, but something didn’t feel right about it.

    So our instructor – a retired Air Force captain – came down the line and nit-picked each of our peers, finally reaching my girlfriend. He looked her up and down, analyzing each crease in her blouse, each hem, each button (Seriously…dude was a creep), then pulled out his flashlight and shone it on her shoes, nearly blinding himself in the process as the glare was simply stunning. She’d done well.

    Finally, he came to me. At the time, I had worked my way up to “Flight Commander”, which is basically saying I was the “head dork”. Captain Dummitt expected a lot out of me. He would pull me aside from time to time and explain how others looked up to me, and how I needed to lead by example. He tried to nurture a culture of leadership in me. He tried to groom me to be everything he couldn’t quite live up to in his own life.

    He began his inspection of my uniform, thoroughly impressed with my pressed shirt, my perfectly level ribbons and awards hanging on the front pocket (yeah, we got ribbons. Did I mention how ridiculous this whole thing was?). He gazed at my hairline, making sure that not a single strand of hair was out of place or too long. He checked out my face, making sure I’d done well shaving that morning. He smiled to himself, proud of his self-assigned protégé.

    But, as is usual, all good things must come to an end. He finally glanced down at my shoes, almost as if it were an afterthought. He knew they’d be perfect. It was a formality at this point. But what he saw made him gasp. I’m not kidding about that. The guy gasped. The urge to backhand him was strong in that moment.

    “Cadet…what happened here?”


    “Cadet! Out with it! Why are your shoes so subpar? Do you not think you should be held to the same standard as the rest of your classmates?”

    I swear to you, if I could go back in time with hindsight into this moment, I promise I would have rolled my eyes so hard that they might possibly fall out of my head. This entire thing was just so incredibly stupid.

    “Sir, as we were falling in, Cadet Reid accidently tripped over my shoes and…”


    Capt. Dummitt paced the floor, down to the end of the line and back. He stopped in front of me again and stared a hole through my soul. He turned to the rest of the class and ordered them all to look toward me. They did as they were told. Then he gave another command.

    “Cadets, if you look up to Cadet Gapinski as your flight leader and exemplary student, please raise your hand.”

    All hands went up. I broke form and looked. Everyone stared at me with mostly apathetic looks (the JROTC program took itself WAAAY too seriously), but nonetheless, their hands were raised.

    “I see.” He took a step back, then a few short steps to my left, stopping in front of my girlfriend. “Cadets,” he began, “JROTC is not for the weak-willed or simple-minded. It has lofty expectations. It demands exemplary performance. Today, your flight leader has fallen short. That’s no condemnation of Cadet Gapinski. But this is real life (side note: I would have laughed so hard in that moment had it happened today. But at the time, this was incredibly embarrassing). I have no choice but to hand the leadership reigns to Cadet Reid. Cadets, please give her your respect and applause.”

    There were like 3 or 4 golf claps, but nobody really gave half a crap. It was an easy A, so most of the kids in the class were the slacker/class clown types. Anyway, I looked to my left, to my girlfriend who was smiling just a little to much. It finally dawned on me that she had done this on purpose. She knew she had to cheat to get ahead of me, cuz I was just so stinking good.

    I broke up with her 3 days later, which was 3 days before our fall homecoming dance. It was actually really cool being single for that dance. But that’s a different story altogether.

    No lie, she started dating the captain’s 26 year-old son less than a week later. I never spoke to her again.

    So, moral of the story is…ummm…you know, I don’t really know. I guess come up with your own moral. I don’t care. But I can shoe shine with the best of ’em!

    (This story is somewhere between 80 and 85% true)

  2. Termpaper

    I personally am of the opinion that it is about 25% true (maybe), but it was very entertaining and reminds me of something Mark Twain would write (not to give you too big of a head)

  3. Wilber

    I 2nd the Mark Twain comment.

    Difficult to tell on what the actual events that may or may not have taken place. I think 25% may be a little much.

    If true, may explain a lot.

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