Pick Your Poison

39 PAX including 1 FNG gathered round the flag this morning.  Second week of THE SPLIT.  SNS has the standard boot camp workout and has added a running only workout “Vesper” in an attempt to alleviate the large numbers.  The PAX huddled and shuffled and decided what would be their fate for the morning.  11 chose Vesper and 28 chose YHC.  Vesper crowd took to the streets of Cary.  The remaining listened to a disclaimer for our FNG and off to the gloom of Bond.

Vesper – Run. Few left turns, few right turns, run on trail, return to flag.

Warm-up – Jog around to the parking lot for 20 SSH, 10, GMs, 20 Plank-jacks, 10 IW, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 Merkins.

The Thang – Bearcrawl 7s.
Bearcrawl, 6 hand-release merkins, crawl-bear, 1 burpee.  So-on and so-forth.

Heading to the alternate entrance to the park.  Stop at intersection for plank hold and plank jacks.
Hill suicides, 10 star jumps at the bottom, 10 jump knee tucks at the light pole. Back and to the next light pole, 5 trips in total to get the entrance.  Plank hold.

Head toward the boathouse, stopping for planks, squat hold, mnt climbers, chill cut, regular, repeato.  Boathouse parking lot for 10 wide grip merkins, and 20 plank jacks.
To the kiosk.  Up the hill, 10 burpees, down the hill, 10 burpees, up the hill, 10 burpees, fellowship jog to the flag to reunite with the runners.


COT – Count-o-rama – 39, name-o-rama.
Announcements – there were many, and many that I forgot. Here are a few I remember:
– FWD – new workout on Tuesdays starting 2/21, see Hermes for details
– Nature Boy hosting poker on Thursday night at his house, bring your $$$
– Q School, Sunday 2/12/17 Bond Park Kiosk.  CK is your Q.  Starts at 1500.
Prayers –Burt and Saban both lifted prayers.
YHC took us out.
Thanks for the opportunity.

– First day under the Q shopping sheet.  Most seem to like it.
– It is a dream come true for Burt, who is the ultimate Q shopper.
– 39 names is a lot to remember, but YHC is always up for a challenge.  Even tougher when you don’t spent the entire workout with 11 of them.
– Admittedly YHC believes to all the names but was aided in the split of runners vs BCers.
– If YHC made a mistake, sound off.
– Mumble chatter was rolling.  McCants praises the mumble chatter and warned against the idle chatter.
– McCants also spent the workout burping up the T-bone he had at Sullivans the night before.  Thanks for sharing.
– Chill cut, regular plank, repeato………….is just merkins, who knew.
– Apparently a non-Carpex flag is being planted in Apex by other brothers to the south Wake.  Mantan to address.
– Franklin chose running today………really Frankie!?!?!  You still mad about my lack of 10 counts??
– Boot campers were at the kiosk when the “fast” group of runners came across the dam.  It was a sight to see, head lamps a-blazing.

Workout Date:
The PAX:


  1. HotSpot

    Mumble Chatter = Good. Esprit d’corp
    Idle Talk = Gossip. Meant to elevate one’s self by bringing down others, or finding delight in another’s pain, or virtue signalling to make ones self seem more enlightened or important. Bad.

  2. Callahan

    NMS for slow runners:

    – To make the run more enjoyable, we tackled life’s big questions, like “In your opinion, is Great Clips considered a Barber Shop?” and “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”, and “What are the only 4 ingredients allowed on a hotdog?”
    – The PAX were decidedly split on the barber shop question. This surprised YHC
    – Frankie doesn’t trust his hair to just anyone.
    – Read that last point again.
    – That’s the most Riptide thing ever, right?
    – I can just imagine him in a suit with his baseball cap on waling into a pitch meeting, then halfway through the pitch, when it’s not going so well, he loses that ball cap and releases the magic. Everyone instantly gets tunnel-vision – like when you see that girl across the room and everyone and everything else just disappears in the ether. Riptide just keeps talking, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone is only focused on the perfection rooted in his skull. He quickly slides a contract across the table and it’s signed absent-mindedly by each person at the table. He quickly retrieves the contract and slips it into his briefcase, turns heel, and heads out the door. A full two minutes after he’s out of sight, each of the people at the table stirs from their reverie, wondering what in the hell just happened.
    – Classic Riptide.
    – It’s like the Sirens from Greek Mythology. Gotta avoid it lest you be seduced and murdered.
    – Well, maybe not murdered. But, I don’t know, maybe forced to wear a 4XL cotton shirt or something strange like that.

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