Heading to New Hampshire

50 degress in January and no rain welcomed 33 PAX, including 1 FNG to SNS and a new shovel flag (well done Bartman).

With a quick awkward disclaimer not to sue to YHC’s younger brother, the FNG we were off!

PS, If you want to test your Q limits, Q SNS before it gets split.  Really gotta think on your feet and at the same time corral a herd of grown men eager to do anything you tell them (with complaints typically).

Warm Up

  • Gooood Mornings x 10, Hilllll Billies x 15, SSH x 20, and 10 penalty burpees (thanks Freebird!!  We counted loud so you could hear us.  YHC was VERY entertained by this!)

The Thang

  • Start at the crosswalk and break off into 1s and 2s because the numbers were way too big.  Each group does the same thing just different directions.
  • 1st Light Pole, 10 Merkins, run back
  • 2nd Light Pole, 20 Merkins, run back
  • 3rd Light Pole, 30 Merkins, run back
  • Plank hold then Plank Jacks together x 10

Head to New Hampshire

  • 3 groups
  • 1s Run the Stairs AMRAP
  • 2s Wind Sprints AMRAP
  • 3s Jack Webbs 1:4 up to 8:32
  • Rotation through all 3 stations
  • 3 groups, at the rock pile
  • 1s Run a lap around New Hampshire
  • 2s Rock Your Body AMRAP
  • 3s Lunge Walk AMRAP
  • Rotation through all 3 stations
  • Run to Kiosk where each group, in a different pattern did:
  • Sprint to the top of the path
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 CDDs
  • Mozy back to parking lot with Billy Run at the Billy Run


That’s all we could fit in, it was a nonstop thriller as the Q trying to be the event cordinator this morning.  I enjoyed it though, thanks to all for helping out and being #FreedToLead their group segments when needed.


– I’ve started planning my workouts ahead of time as if there is going to be a ridiculous number of PAX.
– Glad I did.
– Great crowd today and great seeing my bro out there!  He’s been hearing me talk about F3 for 2 years so it’s awesome to show hime what it’s really like.
– I think I maybe saw him twice once we were in the gloom.  Maybe said 2 words to him.
– He said he liked the large crowd.
– Well he doesn’t have to sit here and remember 33 PAX NAMES.
– Which I think I got them all this time (Large, audit me…)
– Oh yeah!  It’s my two year anniversary today haha!  Forgot!!  I think it’s actually the 5th but I can’t post tomorrow..
– Anyways, it was a blast to lead.  I am not currently signed up for any more Qs for 2017 so I’ll be doing that shortly.
– …and then I will be headlocking multiple PAX to CO it up with me!!

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The PAX:


  1. Callahan

    The F3 Audit Committee met this morning to discuss your PAX list. While the 33 PAX you listed were correct, only 11 of them attended The Refinery. You have marked one extra participant. The F3 Audit Committee would like to publicly SHAME you and suspend you indefinitely (meaning, like, one Q or something like that. That’s what “indefinite” means, right?)

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