We’re going back to a classic. If you can’t follow this route, you haven’t posted this AO enough, and / or you can’t read. Let’s Go!

  1. Partner up – speed matters.
  2. Quick Warm up and then run down the blue loop to the fork at the water fountain, take a left and run up to the top of the hill where you see some art, near the grotto.
  3. 10 merkins, 10 partner derkins, 10 star jumps.
  4. Run back the way you came to the top of the hill near the water fountain.
  5. 10 squats, 10 lbcs, 10 burpees.
  6. keep it going, increasing by 2 on each set each time. run back to the parking lot at 6:08 the way you came.
  7. First guys back lead Mary until I arrive.