Full of Christmas cheer during my normal Sunday perusal through the Google Docs to see who is Qing for the week, I saw YHC on the list for Wednesday and thought “it’s about time for some 12 days of Christmas.” So I dusted off a classic to spread the cheer to 28 other PAX. 0545 came fast but off we went for

The Thang

Run to the cross walk at the top of the hill looking over the dale

10 x Side Straddle Hops IC (Tecumseh style)
10 x Good Mornings IC

Run to the far gate

10 x Merkins IC
10 x Plank Jacks IC

Over, under, or around the gate and run to the big shelter in the back for the main event. Yes, now you get to see what is on those sheets I’ve been carrying

  • On the 1st day of Christmas, Ma Bell gave to me 1 Run around the parking lot and back to the other entrance of the shelter
  • On the 2nd day of Christmas, Ma Bell gave to me: 2 x Jump Knee Tucks and 1 run around the parking lot
  • 3rd day: 3 x Dying Cockroaches (4-count)…and so on
  • 4th day: 4 x Mountain Climbers (4-count)…and so on
  • 5th day: 5 x Diamond Merkins (in lieu of golden rings)…and so on
  • 6th day: 6 x Hydraulic Squats (bad Q for not explaining in advance what these were)…and so on
  • 7th day: 7x Clurpees…and so on
  • 8th day: 8 x LBCs (4-count)…and so on
  • 9th day: 9 x Merkin Rolls (hey, at least it wasn’t raining like the first time we did these!)…and so on
  • 10th day: 10 x Star Jumps…and so on
  • 11th day: 11 x Imperial Squats (4-count)…and so on
  • 12th day: 12 x Makhtar N’Diayes…and so on

Q wasn’t watching the clock very well when an observant PAX noted the time. Most finished all 12 rounds by this point, so we did Burpees while we waited for everyone to complete the round they were on. Got to get rollin’

Run back to the back gate and squat hold til the 6 arrives. Pulse it IC for a 6 count.

Run back to the cross-walk overlooking the dale and plank it out until the 6 arrives. 10 x Slow Drop Merkins IC

Run to the Billy Run starting line and line up in 2 waves. Billy Run it back to the parking lot. That’s it boys.


Count-a-rama: 28 (+ Denali who had to bounce a little early)
Name-a-rama (2 hates, buncha mehs, 4 RESPECTs)
Announcements:CarPEX / Churham convergence on the 31st at TBL; 1 hour A-Team on Boxing Day (not to be confused with Boxers Day); 3rd F at Brueger’s immediately after SNS; Riptide and Banjo are Q’ing a “special” BO workout tomorrow
Ceremony: Saban and Wonk performed a changing of the guard ceremony to hand the reigns of SNS over the Killa B’s (Bartman and Billy). Thanks to the 4 of you for your leadership!
Prayers: Water Wing’s friends father, Wonk’s uncle, Saban’s colleague, Angry Elf’s friend
BOM: Wonk took us out in rousing fashion


  • The site of sheets of paper in YHC’s hand sent the PAX into a tizzy. Burt, especially was focused on them
  • Speaking of Burt (as if he doesn’t speak enough himself), Burt mentioned that the 12 Days of Christmas was an ADD nightmare. Maybe each PAX gets their own weinke next year!
  • Hermes, aka, the Cotton Cowboy, must have gotten some wheels as an early Christmas gift. Bartman remarked that he looked like one of the silent films running in fast motion – except in color
  • Bartman’s calves, though
  • We have to get a name for whatever the hell Nature Boy does in lieu of SSH. He looks like a jester. Maybe that’s what we should call it. Classic Nature Boy
  • Nature Boy has more balaclavas than Ma Bell has doorags
  • You ever noticed how Nature Boy cracks himself up, which then cracks everyone else up?
  • I just cracked up thinking about Nature Boy cracking himself up
  • A hearty thank you to Wonk and Saban for starting up Cary’s first Wednesday workout. Judging by the growth over the last 1½ years, the day and the location have proven to be perfect
  • YHC didn’t do a lot of leading today; just sort of set the PAX on a cheery Christmas path. Thanks for working hard despite the lack of leadership
  • In addition, we went a couple minutes past 0630. The Q will get a stern talking to by the Nan’tan. Thanks for keeping Ma Bell on his toes!