17 for the main event and 6 for the celebrated capital pre-run. Goal today was to prepare the fetzer valve with some 3 in 1 oil and anti-freeze(quaker state). We accomplished both with 3 simple segments, and heavy movement to stay warm.

Beeline it up to the soccer field and square up near the closest end line.

SSH 20, GM 15, Merkins 20, Alt. Jump Lunges 20

Mosey to the end line.

Full Field Gassers:
-1 gasser equals a sprint down to the opposite end line and back.

-5 gassers with a few seconds in between each. 20 Balls to the Wall IC and back on the end line.

-2 more gassers and on to the next segment.

-1400 yds of sprints to get the blood flowin

Mosey down to the softball(or multi-purpose) field at the left center field and split up in 2 groups.


Cat House Circuit:

Group 1 runs up to and around the cat house and back while the other group does the following:

-5 burpees, 10 plank jacks, 10 handy merks and WW2s until other group returns

Flapjack and repeato increasing # of reps by 2 each time.

I believe each group got in about 3-4 trips around the cat house.


Mosey over to the bottom of Washington st for a crowd pleaser.

Gasser up Washington st all the way to the soccer field and split up in groups of 3.


Trinitarian Operation:

Group 1 on one end line, groups 2/3 on the opposite end line; group 2 sprints and tags out Group 1 at opposite end, then group 1 sprints down to the opposite end and tags out group 3, group 3 then tags out group 2, and so on and so on. While each group waits to be tagged out on the end line, do 5 burpees and then plank hold until you get tagged out.


Mosey down to the amphitheater for COT.


-6in leg hold for a 10 count all the way around

-Pepe announced their will be an info sesh for the Custom Go Ruck on Jan 8. Time and place TBD

-Prayer request for all the homeless men, women, and children in our area who are having to be out in this cold without a roof above their heads and warm clothing.

-Money Hose took us out with a stellar word of prayer.

-Great group this AM. BB w/ the pre-run takes the cake on toughest AO in F3 Raleigh IMO. The pre run pace is quick and you are left little time to recover for the main event, which never disappoints. Red Card and Pepe looked like they were having a sprint off during the gassers and Fluoride looked like a gazelle out there. Washington st gasser back up to the soccer field was not popular, but you can agree that it is challenging. Per the strava app, CK is the F3 Raleigh leader for that gasser. Never seen him at BB, but t-claps to him. Pepe may have had him beat this AM on it. Turns out the Cat House(yea Fungo!) is pretty far away from back left center field. That’s all I can recollect at this point. Pleasure to lead at this fine establishment and look forward to crafting up another workout in the future.