Management has spoken…ShakinNotStirred has started to outgrow its capacity a little, and needed a popoff valve.  It was suggested to add another option to the workout to lessen the burden on the bootcamp Q.  “Add a run option” was one choice.  In a weak moment last week, co-site Q Bartman gave YHC the option to start something up.  Not sure whose weak moment it was; Bartman for entrusting it to me (a rookie), or me for agreeing.

So this was the birth of Vesper (google the name for the meaning and relationship to SNS and our AO, Bond Park).


  1. relieve the pressure on the BC site Q and the AO itself
  2. add another option for folks who have done BCs all week already at A-Team, FOD, Rush Hour, and have BO and DP/DZ to look forward to
  3. push the run distance and tempo a little
  4. trip over roots and sidewalk joints in the dark.

Decided to split it again into 2 routes that could be covered in 45 minutes.  Route 1  Route 2  YHC printed up some cue sheets, that measured distance to the hundredth of a mile, but missed simple instructions like “Turn left on West Chatham”.  Fortunately, the PAX are smart and overcame the directional deficit.

0545 rolled around, Hermes, Term Paper, Ollie, Ma Bell, and Water Wings all took off like a shot on the 4.1 mile route.  Meanwhile Michelob, PBX, Pet Sounds and I looked stunned and confused. (Hermes, yes that’s NINE runners!  Funny story, it should’ve just been 8.  Just ask Water Wings.  You had to come to 3rd F to hear the details.)

Eventually we gave chase.  We almost caught them before they turned down Castalia and were gone.

We continued up High House, made a right on Maynard, then a right again on Old Apex.  Pace was quick, but allowed for some mumblechatter.  As we turned right onto Castlefern, we were greeted with a nice downhill run.  Little nudge up and right onto Oxpens, with a nice downhill on Leckford.  A right onto West Chatham brought some rolling hills.  Pace remained solid.  Right turn onto Cary Parkway and ascend to Bond Lake Drive.

We took that for almost 1/2 mile, then a right onto Swiss Lake.  We made our way down to the greenway access (a wide spot between hedges), picking up White Oak Creek Greenway, finally running into the Bond Park Trail.  PBX got his bearings as we neared the dam, and turned left.

We kicked it into high gear climbing up past the kiosk, hoping to intercept the rest of the Bootcamp PAX if they were on a Billy Run.  No dice, Mary was underway.  We pressed on the gas and got to the circle in time to join the other Vesper runners and the NINEteen BC PAX finish out Mary.


Running is more fun with F3 brothers.

Pet Sounds is tall.  Shocker.

Michelob is my height but has Pet Sounds’ stride length.

PBX is stealthy fast.

Hills aren’t as tall in the dark.

This was a solid 4-pack of runners.

This route was challenging but not too terrible.

We didn’t lose anyone, on either route!  That is good!

Let’s keep this thing going.