SNS De-Thawing

QIC coming off 4 month IR and has posted twice in 2017.  QIC was feeling good about the progress of his knee injury, and his ego was as swollen as Riptide’s ankle.  Ego was then humbled secondary to last night Twitter mumble chatter, as well as continuous teasing during his Q today.  Back to reality I guess.

Bartman provided QIC with an update last night in regards to SNS AO conditions, which he reported multiple areas of ice—-he recommended staying in the top parking lots.  With a singular flipflop tossed at QIC feet thanks to Burt, and no FNGs, we were off.


Circle The Wagons x 2 with sprinkled high knees, butt kicks, and side skips. Then jog to Community Center parking lot.  SSH x 20, Imperial Walker x 12, Imperial Squat Walker x 10, GM x 12, Phelps Arm Swings x 10, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward x 10 retro, MC x 10, Standard Merk x 10.


Each PAX member on a parking line: fast feet series AMRAP x 30 sec: tandem, side hops, MC Hammer: reapeato x 2.  Flamingo Hop-and-Hold: x 4 with 5 sec hold each leg.

BOD (Box Of Death):  2 lines of PAX run around ~25 yd x 10 yd box.  At various intervals PAX halt and lines face each other for a variety of exercises.  This went on for ~20 minutes.  Exercises included:  merkins, Bobby Hurley, TarHeel Chop-n-Flop, BCRs (Bartman Calf Raises), Two Amigos, Sprinting around the box, Booyah! Merkins, Side planks, maybe a couple of more I forgot.

Partner Up: one man 30 yd forward and retro sprints x 30 yd, one man “squatberprees”. Flipflop x 3.

Jog to Billy Run line with various shout-outs on the way: “F3, Carpex, Shakin-not-Stirred”.  Billy Run to shovel flag.

Mary:  Bay City Scissors 3 sets of 5, Freddie Mercury 2 sets of 10, Captain Thor attempted 1 set of 5.

Announcements: KKC, Ruck meetup, ?

Prayers: Callahan job interview today, Levi,

Callahan took us out—thanks homie!

NMS (or whatever it’s called):  QIC was teased unmercifully, but tried to maintain focus most of the time—-jeez the PAX is just brutal.  Ma Bell was wearing his Twinkle-Toe lights on both shoes. Thanks for trying some different exercises today and working with me on some subpar cadence calls.  Great to see some new faces, since I haven’t posted at SNS in quite some time.  Thanks, twas a pleasure.

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  1. Bartman919

    The pleasure was ours. Flip Flop is the most polite Q in recent memory.

    For the record, I told him to do burpee light poles out-and-back. I’m glad he came up with a better idea.

  2. Riptide

    Looks like a great one Flip Flop! don’t let those fools get to you…call em right back out when they call you out..thats the way I do it..attack!

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