Two Headed Beast

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NMS –  Gave Franklin a hug upon arrival this morning.  Nothing new.  Except the dude was DRENCHED! –  I found out too late and I think a little got in my mouth…  So that’s how I started my day. –  He says he ran in but I think he pushed his car the whole way. – […]

The Baconator

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34 Pax for the inaugural Flirtin with Disaster workout! Thanks to all the Field of Dreams regulars for converging on this launch. I know it was a long drive… After about a year of F3 I am continually inspired by these High Impact Men! I appreciate the support and the opportunity to return a little […]

Barbee-Q’d at FOD

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After some prodding by Ma Bell and Shut In, YHC thought he would be able to take on a smaller AO like FOD. Usually the sort of AO with a limited number of PAX, easy to manage and no issues with crowd control. YHC was in awe of the number of PAX that took the […]

Lazy Dora Pyramid

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15 PAX took the DRP and stood in the gloom wondering what we were about to do. Yeah, all 15 of us. YHC had heard the rains falling all night long and knew that a workout in the rain would do no favors to get rid of this months-long cold I’ve been battling. Thankfully, FOD […]

30 for Thirty

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Very poetic to end where it all began I guess.  Wasn’t intentional but that’s how it ended up! A dirty dozen 12-PAX were there on a wet and unseasonably warm December morning.  I figured for my 30th Q of the year (31 if you count my random Phoenix Q I picked up on the spot…and […]

Rockin’ the FOD

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18 pax descended on FOD this AM. It was cold. The wind was cutting through the layers. There was chattering of teeth and gnashing of gloves. Franklin could stand it no longer and invoked his site Q privilege to get this party started early. Warmup: Run around the lot a few times then exit down […]