This is my fifth Q of the 2020 Q Challenge. I checked the calendar earlier this week and realized I might still be able to pull off the challenge by the end of the year, so I signed up to Q Lame Duck to get things moving again.
I haven’t posted Lame Duck since the move from Root Elementary and the addition of optional kettlebells, so I had quite a few questions on my mind the night before. How many PAX would post? How many would have kettlebells? Would it rain? Would it rain hard? I decided to channel my inner Countrywide and improvise when I got there.

Warm Up:
-Side Straddle Hops x20 n Cadence (IC)
-Good Mornings x10 IC
-Imperial Walkers x10 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward x10 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse x10 IC
-Monkey Humpers x10 IC
-Leg Over Leg calf stretches
-Standard Merkins x10 On My Down (OMD)

Main Event:
-Mosey toward Vivace
-Pause on curb for 3 sets:
—Quick Feet x10 IC
—Curb Irkins x10 OMD
-Mosey to wall in front of Vivace for 3 sets of Classic Five:
—Left-Right Step Ups x10 IC
—Irkins x10 OMD
—Dips x10 OMD
—Old Lady/Elevated Crunches x10 IC
—Derkins x10 OMD
-Mosey to parking spaces beside Sur La Table. Pair up so each pair has a kettlebell. Partner 1 AMRAP exercises while partner 2 runs to second speed bump and back. When partner 2 returns, flapjack.
—Exercise 1: Curls
—Exercise 2: Overhead Press
—Exercise 3: Triceps Extensions
—Exercise 4: Squats
—Exercise 5: Bent Over Rows
—Exercise 6: LBCs
—Exercise 7: Flutter Kicks
—Exercise 8: Skull Crushers
—Exercise 9: One Arm Bench Press (Right hand)
—Exercise 10: One Arm Bench Press (Left hand)
—Exercise 11: One Arm Bent Over Rows (Right hand)
—Exercise 12: One Arm Bent Over Rows (Left hand)
—Exercise 13: Goblet Squats (not Goblin Squats! Noted.)
—Exercise 14: Alternating Arm Kettlebell Swings
-Mosey to Bonefish for Mary and COT

-LBCs x10 IC
-Flutter Kicks x10 IC

4 PAX. Yukon recommends Qing new sites. There’s still time for the Q 20 Challenge, too.
Trudge and Arena are back in action. New “Charity” tag on for quick access to charity opportunities.
Prayers for Red Dog’s mom, M Pigpen’s new job, Yukon’s family.
Yukon took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
YHC likes the new Duck format. The splitting into pairs works well for sharing kettlebells.

This was my fifth #F3Q20 #2020Challenge Q. I have no idea if I’ll get the 20 separate AOs in before 12/31, but I’m going to try. Next stop is Kickstarter on Monday.

I’ve missed coffeteria maybe more than the actual workouts.