YHC first posted at the Monday Murph when the non-running AO Bear Trap (nee The Carl) was on its second attempt to remain active. The Monday Murph can work really well for non-runners. They can choose to stay at the pullup bars or slow mosey around the building during the mile runs. The pull ups were still a bear, so I had steered clear until Snowbird’s March Madness Challenge put the Monday Murph back on my radar.

Warm Up:
Give the mission statement, check for FNGs, give the disclaimer, and warm up:
Side Straddle Hops x20 In Cadence (IC)
Good Mornings x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x10 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 IC Forward x10 IC Reverse
Monkey Humpers x10 IC
At this point the PAX were ready to get going, so that’s what we did

Main Event
1) Run one mile (mile includes a small lap around the building, followed by a larger lap out to Saint Alban’s up to Market and around Chuy’s)
2) Each PAX takes turns leading us through: Pull Ups x5 On Your Own (OYO), 10 Merkins On My Down (OMD), and Squats x15 OMD. Cycle through the PAX until 20 set completed for a total of: Pull Ups x100, Merkins x200, Squats x300
3) Run one mile. No time for Mary


Prayers for family members about to start chemotherapy; Prayers for the improvement of family relationships; Prayers for ManRam’s injury and doctor appointment today
YHC took us out

Naked Moleskin:
T-claps to El Chapo and El Guapo for adding music to the workout routine. I spent way too much time last night putting together a playlist that Spotify decided to hijack with its own additions. Here’s the link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3VoEeopaJwNqK6LNp0zJVy?si=7717ab1bfa844ffd
The xylophone solo in Gone Daddy Gone is really long. Also, Man Ram does not seem to be a big Violent Femmes fan.
This was my twenty-fifth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q. Next stop is Tequila Sunrise on 3/25 (Thursday).

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Captain Kangaroo, El Chapo, El Guapo, Flatline, ManRam, Pigpen, Pluff Mud, Vortex
Workout Date: 03/22/21