What: Missions Trip to Haiti

When: September 6-13

Cost: $1350 (includes airfare, food, accommodations…everything but souvenirs)

Who: The first 25 men to HC


Several F3 men will be taking a missions trip to Haiti. What started as a Highlands trip has expanded to The Ridge (Harrisburg) and Isotope (Cornelius). The men that have HCed are below.

  • Frodo (Highlands)
  • Skipper (Highlands/Tradition)
  • Col. Mustard (Highlands)
  • The Beave (Highlands)
  • Gamma (The Ridge)
  • Starsky (The Ridge)
  • Moses (Isotope)
  • Wolfgang (Isotope)
  • Law Dawg (Highlands)
  • BOS (Highlands)

At our Christmas party, we raised money for a program called the Men’s Bakery that provides Haitian men an opportunity to work, learn how to run a business, engage in a bible study. The program also teaches them how to drive, how to read and write, how to speak english and it provides each man 1 meal a day. Once their training is done, they can work in the bakery so they can provide for their families.

On this trip, we may be building bathrooms for the bakery’s cafe, schools, maternity hospitals. We will also probably spend time in various orphanages, visiting remote villages and “tent villages”. At these locations, our time will be spent helping the families that live there by pumping water from their wells, playing soccer (or other sports) with the kids, or any other jobs that are needed on that day.

Heartline Foundation (a part of Heartline Ministries www.heartlineministries.org) will be leading the trip. Our guide will be the Executive Director of the Heartline Foundation, who lives in the Greensboro area. We will be staying in the Heartline Ministries guest house (www.heartlineguesthouse.com).

This is a CMAUI opportunity – Completely Meaningful and Utterly Important.

Who’s willing to join us? There will never be a convenient time to do something like this, you just have to decide it’s something you’re going to do. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agU_SkY8E6k)

There are three ways you can get involved.

  1. HC – Come join us. It is going to be a great with your F3 brothers making a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.
  2. Donate – You can sponsor the trip in a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will go directly to the F3 trip. To make a donation, make your check out to “Heartline Foundation” with “F3 – Sept. 6” in the memo. Then, mail it to Marc Donelson 9565 Numenore Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269. Also, email Marc/Frodo at m_donelson@yahoo.com to let him know there is a check on the way.
  3. Pray – There are going to be some life changing experiences going on while we are there…for us and for the Haitians we spend time with. Can you commit to praying for safety, health, and impact of the men going on this trip?

For more information and updates, revisit this page or contact Frodo (m_donelson@yahoo.com) or Skipper (jeffymil@hotmail.com).