16 Pax endured the bitter cold 18F for some rice paddies and burpee stew.

Warm up:

-1st lap around parking lot easy jog with butt kickers and high knees throughout.  2nd lap around with 25lb rice bags. Then 5 EKG Burpees on your own and wide plank hold till everyone done.-

-Double Line backward lunge walk uphill with race bags and front two peel off and run backwards to front of line and hand off bags until everyone has gone.  10 knee tuck burpees on your own

Double line duck walk indian run – lots of groaning on this one

SSH*15, Mountain Climbers*15, Slalom Jumps*10

Jog to playground area divide in 2 groups.  Group 1 does burpee pullups*5, then 5 hanging jack- knifes each side.  Group 2 Rice bag mary- any combo with rice bags held above your chest.  Each group flap jacks till 2 evolutions

Jog to stairway well and 2 groups.  Group 1 jump ups till group 2 completes 2 cycles of stair climbs of 6 flights with rice bags.  Flap Jack

Lunge walk with rice bags to picnic tables about 50 yards.  Dips and urkins sets of 15, 10 and 5

Main Event- Death by Helix.  Group given choice of using rice bags or no rice bags.  QIC warns them either option is not good.  King David chooses rice bags- strong choice!!!!   2 groups in parallel with 8 pax each.  Start at the tennis courts and run up the halfpipe to the picnic table on the other hillside.  1st man in each group to reach top stays at the top and starts doing burpees.  Remaining pax carry rice bags or rocks back and forth, the next man to the top now stays and starts to do burpees while the 1st man starts Mary.  Each time a new man reaches the top they stay and each person on the top switches back and forth between burpees and mary until all 8 pax are done.

There was no chatter and EVERYONE was heaving, on their backs or hunched over- Definition of getting smoked !!!!

Last exercise to tennis courts for suicide burpees.  Group 1 suicide run and burpees in 3, 6, and 9 while group 2 does balls to the wall.  Flap Jack.

COT:  T-claps to Enron for running 6 miles prior to the beat down.  Van Winkle (FNG) very impressive and strong brother held it together till his naming and then walked calmly outside the tennis courts and puked.  Howard commented that someone in his group during the death by helix wanted to run rather than do burpee hell. The greatest Compliment was from Repo “Tecumseh wait till I Q next time, Im gonna smoke you bro”  Amen brother.  I cant wait.