6 pax (including one UNC law student) stepped out into the frosty gloom and sent Duke’s East Campus off in style.

Warmup: run – SSH – good morning – arm circles – windmills – IWs

Mosey to the quad – jack webbs (10merkins, 1shoulder press, 9m, 2sp… 1merkin, 10 shoulder press)

Railing “lil jons” followed by walking lunges

Mosey to the PAINground – partner up – sets of 3 pull-ups – alternate until the group can’t do any more – assist as needed

Mosey to YHC’s car for some music – bass on 10, volume on 30
song #1 – I’m sexy and I know it (LMFAO) – air squats x10, left squats x10, right squats x10, squat jumps x10 – AMRAP until song is over
song #2 – Basscannon (Bassnectar) – left arm stagger merkins x10, right arm stagger merkins x10, regular merkins x10, diamond merkins x10, AMRAP until song is over
song #3 – Forever Young (Lil Wayne/Eminem remix) – plank city – every variety imaginable

Mosey back to the quad – walking lunges – EastSide Boyz on the railing
People’s chair, 10 count around the circle

Off to wimbledon – 2 circuits
#1 – balls to the wall while 2 pax run to the other end of the courts and back, switch until all 6 have run
#2 – 10 squat jumps, first court and back sprint, 10 dan jansens, second court and back sprint, 10 jump lunges, third court and back sprint, 10 squat jumps

2 laps around the circle while dealers choice exercise – russian hammers, freddie mercurys, WW2s, alternating V-ups, LBCs… something else


– We’re looking forward to starting out in our new location next week – we invite everyone to support the re-launch of Durham/Chapel Hill’s Saturday workout “Thin Blue Line”
– Doing air squats with a little hip thrust at the end to “sexy and i know it” in the middle of a quiet neighborhood on a saturday morning is both embarassing and awesome… real man maker
– According to Big Love, there is a difference between “I hate you more and more every day” and “I like you less and less every day” – apparently hate more and more is more positive? I defer to him