On Saturday, February 8th, F3 Raleigh will launch the first workout with The Healing Place of Wake County.  The Healing Place is a non-profit recovery and rehabilitation facility for homeless people with alcohol and drug dependencies, and is located in Raleigh at 1251 Goode St just off of Lake Wheeler Road.  Similar to F3’s leaderless organization concept, its recovery program is a peer-based model that is unique in the rehabilitation community but incredibly effective.

To learn more about The Healing Place, go to their website at www.hpowc.org.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for clients in the Phase 1 part of the program to participate in a toned down F3 workout and experience the benefits we have all experienced through F3.  The F3 PAX and the clients will build relationships that will positively impact both for years to come.

Initially we expect a small turnout from the clients until the word spreads, so we are planning to cap the F3 PAX number to around 10 per workout to avoid overwhelming the clients, at least for the first few dates.  The signup sheet we will use is posted here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtHl8o5KyEVvdGlYNUpuV2U4TjJFTUEyRWpscjF5akE&usp=sharing

At the first workout, we will give F3 names to the clients and also come up with a name for the workout.  We will also determine the schedule going forward based on the clients’ feedback.

PAX will meet at Pullen Park at 7am and then run to the Healing Place campus (1.7 mile run) for the workout start at 7:30am.  The workout will go from 7:30 – 8:00am, and then the PAX will run back to Pullen Park.  Again, this will be a toned down workout, as our primary goals here are to help the clients of The Healing Place, develop relationships with these men, and not scare anyone away with True Grit level pain.

All PAX are encouraged to sign up for a future workout.  This is a work in progress so stay tuned for updates and more logistics as we figure things out.  If this does take off, we will be committed to sustaining this workout for the clients of The Healing Place, and will need help from every member of F3 Raleigh.

This promises to be a rewarding extension of F3.  Countrywide and I are fired up to get this rolling.