This is my fourth Q of the 2020 Q Challenge.
Happy to return to this veteran Raleigh AO. Numbers have been low, in part (IMO) due to the success of Broga and Sasquatch. The Q was solo two weeks ago! I EH’d a few PAX for today and got Katahdin to join me. Spin Class lost the battle with the fart sack.

Warm Up:
-Mosey around park loop to back parking lot
-Side Straddle Hops x20 n Cadence (IC)
-Good Mornings x10 IC
-Imperial Walkers x20 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward x10 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse x10 IC
-Monkey Humpers x20 IC (Feel the burn)
-World’s Greatest Stretch w/ Pigeon Pose variation

Main Event:
-7s across back parking lot. Start with 1 Hand-Release Mercan, 6 star jumps at far end. You know the rest.
-Mosey to curb for 10-15-10 pyramid:
—Quick Feet IC
—Curb Derkins, On My Down (OMD)
-Mosey to shelter picnic tables for another 10-15-10 pyramid:
—Left-Right Step Ups IC
—Irkins OMD
—Dips OMD
—Derkins OMD
—Little Baby Crunches IC (Swapped LBCs and Derkins after first set to give the triceps a breather)
-Mosey to Tennis Courts, split into two groups. Group 1 suicides to middle of two courts and back, then to far side of far court and back while Group 2 performs a wall/fence exercise. When Group 1 finishes, flapjack. When Group 2 finishes, start the next exercise:
—Exercise 1: Peoples’ Chair, arms down
—Exercise 2: Peoples’ Chair, arms forward
—Exercise 3: Peoples’ Chair, arms up
—Exercise 4: Balls to the Wall
-Mosey to starting lot for Mary

PAX-led Mary:
-Pigpen: Homer to Marge x10 IC
-Katahdin: Low Slow Flutter x10 IC
-Time Out: American Hammers x10 IC
-Midol: Boat-Canoe x10
-Marley: Superman x10
-Have a Nice Day

5 PAX. Step up for the Q 20 Challenge.
The Mule is 3/14/2020. Meet at Fletcher Park (Ball Bearings’s and Fight Club’s AO) at 0600(ish?).
Prayers for Azul, other prayers unspoken.
Katahdin took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
Zero Hour is a long-time F3 Raleigh AO. It’s a great way to start your week at 0545. Come check it out, and bring a friend.

This was my fourth #F3Q20 #2020Challenge Q. It’s great to see so many PAX stepping up. It looks like some of them might even be finished by May!?! YHC is opting for the slow and steady route. I highly recommend the Challenge to everyone, regardless of your pace.

I ran us a lot more than I initially planned, and my triceps were giving out on those final derkins. YHC called for multiple ten counts throughout the workout, for the benefit of the PAX, of course.

We actually encountered traffic on the park loop. People recycle at 0600, who knew?