16 PAX showed up to celebrate an early birthday party Q by YHC. After initial well wishes with no FNGs we commenced. Last 2 days of age 46 so theme was 46 blowout (all exercises to equal 46).

Warmup lap followed by warmup exercises. 46 SSHs, 46 IWs, 46 MCs

Groups split into 2: Group 1 ran the big lap stopping 4 times for 12/12/12/10 merkins to start. Group 2 started by bear crawling to find 4 tiny cones then 12/12/12/10 prisoner squats. FLAPJACK. Round 2 exercises were diamond merkins and monkey humpers.

Rockwork: 23 curls, 23 squat press, 23 tricep extensions followed by lunge walk to end of tennis court fence, 23 MCs and back for 23 MCs then repeat of 23 curls, 23 squat press and 23 TC ext. Round 2 subbed in Carolina Dry Docks. Then, PAX ran with rocks to end for 23 OH press & back for repeat.

Mary: 46 LR stepups boxer style, 46 FMs, 46 Flutterkicks, 46 AHs, 46 LBCs. Then HAVE A NICE DAY 46 count 🙂

Announcements: The Mule on March 14th.

Prayers: Tinkertoy’s sister, YHC’s uncle- cancer treatment. YHC prayed!