This is my third Q of the 2020 Q Challenge.
The non/limited running workouts (Bear Trap, Injured Reserve, Lame Duck) have suffered attendance problems for quite a few months. Both BT and LD had become “on demand” workouts if a quorum of PAX on a group text decided to meet. IR had ceased all together.
Our brother Epoxy has stepped in to get these workouts new life/more PAX. LD now converges with Tahoe and the still unofficial Suburban for warmups and COT. Bear Trap converges with another unofficial group, The Carl, for warm ups, Mary with Kettlebells, and COT.
Very aware of the prior dwindling interest in BT and LD, YHC was happy to step up and help Epoxy’s effort to revitalize these AOs.

Warm Up:
-Side Straddle Hops x21 (oops) In Cadence (IC)
-Good Mornings x10 IC
-Imperial Walkers x20 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles (with the man himself!) forward x10 IC
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse x10 IC
(The Carl guys depart)
-Wind Mills x10 IC
-World’s Greatest Stretch w/ Pigeon Pose variation

Main Event:
-Mosey over to fountain in front of JC Penney for Classic Five:
—Left-Right Step Ups x10 IC
—Irkins x10 On My Down (OMD)
—Dips x10 OMD
—Derkins x10 OMD
—Elevated(Old Lady) Crunches x10 IC
-Lunge Walk counterclockwise around fountain back to starting point
-Repeat Classic Five but x15 reps. Joule did not appreciate the spoiler alert when YHC told PAX we were going to 15. Sorry. Also, Bruce Willis is dead THE WHOLE TIME.
-Mosey around JC Penney and around to the lower level of the Penney’s parking deck
-Try out a new partner workout where partner 1 does an assisted pullup while assisting partner 2 does a squat. YHC did x10 pullups and realized the other PAX were not interested AT ALL in this exercise.
-Skip ahead to Rack Em Stack Em:
—From starting corner, run to 1st corner, 5 burpees OYO, return to start.
—Run to 1st corner, 5 burpees OYO, run to 2nd corner, 10 merkins OYO, return path to start.
—Run to 1st corner, 5 burpees OYO, run to 2nd corner, 10 merkins OYO, run to 3rd corner, 15 LBCs OYO, return path to start.
—Run to 1st corner, 5 burpees OYO, run to 2nd corner, 10 merkins OYO, run to 3rd corner, 15 LBCs OYO, run to 4th corner (start) for 20 squats OYO, return path to start.
-Mosey up escalator to meet with The Carl back at the astroturf at 0600.

PAX-led Kettlebell and Mary exercises.

6 Bear Trap PAX, 7 PAX for The Carl.
Check out the Trudge on Tuesdays. Yukon Qs tomorrow.
The Mule is 3/14/2020. Meet at Fletcher Park (Ball Bearings’s and Fight Club’s AO) at 0600.
Prayers for Go Long’s family, other prayers unspoken.
Elmer Fudd took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
This was my third #F3Q20 #2020Challenge Q. The non-limited running AOs are a great option in Raleigh. T-claps to Epoxy for spearheading the revitalization effort. Step up to Q yourself! Bear Trap and Lame Duck both have plenty of Q slots immediately available. It’s a great way to fill out your 2020 Challenge if that’s your goal, and they are also pretty low key if you are looking for your first Q.

North Hills restaurant Spring Rolls is out of business. They have been closed since May 26, 2019, according to the internet. It looks like I need to get out more.

Today was the first time I’ve experienced PAX totally refusing to do an exercise. Hilarious! Guess I need to try that one out at an Urban Jungle Q.