While visiting StankHill in Virginia Beach this summer, Scully led us in a circuit around the Mt. Trashmore playground.  It included an up-and-over on a horizontal bar on each lap, which was difficult to master.  You need strength, skill, and technique to swing your feet up and over and then not drop yourself on your skull.  Agoge happens to have such a horizontal bar, so I was glad to bring out the up-and-over as part of the main event this morning.


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (20)

-Windmills (10)

-Helicopters (10)

-Moroccan Night Clubs (15)

-Cotton Pickers (10)

-Sumo Squats (10)


The Thang

We moseyed to the playground area near the pool, stopping for some Travelling Jack Webbs (although technically they’re called Iron Hulks) along the way.

-1 Merkin with 4 Hand Raises and 2 Merkins with 8 Hand Raises at the flag

-3 Merkins with 12 Hand Raises and 4 Merkins with 16 Hand Raises at the end of the parking lot

-5 Merkins with 20 Hand Raises and 6 Merkins with 24 Hand Raises at the access road

-7 Merkins with 28 Hand Raises and 8 Merkins with 32 Hand Raises at the curve in the road

-9 Merkins with 36 Hand Raises and 10 Merkins with 40 Hand Raises at the playground


The Main Event –

-3 trips up and down the large set of stairs

-Mosey to the picnic tables near the playground

-15 Incline Merkins at the first table

-15 Squats at the second table (rear end hits the bench)

-Mosey to the swing set

-10 Derkins while planking with feet on a swing

-10 Inverted Rows while hanging from a swing

-Mosey to the playground

-Traverse the monkey bars side to side, doing a pull-up with each re-grip

-Perform an up-and-over, swinging your feet and whole body over the horizontal bar (5 pull-up penalty if you don’t do the up-and-over)

-Mosey to the bottom of the ramp

-Bear Crawl up the entire length of the ramp

-20 LBCs at the top of the ramp

-Mosey to the large stairs

Each PAX started at a different exercise and completed the full circuit 3 times.


Mosey back to the flag.



-10 Nolan Ryans per side

-10 J Los in cadence

-Have a Nice Day


Count-a-rama:  5 PAX



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-Carpex Triple Down – Saturday, November 17th, at Bond Park – 0545-0625: Ruck, 0630-0730: Phoenix (F3), 0800-0900: MoneyPenny (FiA).  Do one, two, or three (all are co-ed) and then share in some fellowship afterwards with pastries, juice, and bacon.

-Spartan Beast – Saturday, November 17th, 1015 – Join Floppy and Boingo’s team.  $195 for open wave.  Details at www.spartan.com.

-White Street Brewery evening runs on Tuesday nights – 7 pm – 3-mile and 5-mile options


Good work, men.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.