That’s a Halt & No Mosey

The Real Dabo cancelled his scheduled Q due to the hurricane so 20 PAX were tested by YHC in a post-hurricane beat down.  No FNGs, no need for lengthy disclaimers.  Need to address good listening (Follow me does not equal Mosey) and hard work!

Warmup: 12 SSH, 12 IW, 12 WM, 12 MC, 12 Nipplers, Plank, 12 SSH

Brisk run for 1 lap then to Rock Pit:

Partner up- P1 up hill, 12 merkins and back down, P2 air squats then flapjack Round 1

P1 up hill, 12 merkins and back down, P2 plankjacks then flapjack Round 2

P1 run to front of park, 12 CDDs and back, P2 lunges then flapjack

P1 run to front of park, 12 CDDs and back, P2 FMs then flapjack

12 burpees OYO

Rock work: 12 rock curls, 12 squat press, 12 tricep ext, 12 bent over rows, 12 diamond merkins, REPEAT   Rock trivia: rock curls OYO while ? Rock N Me- A: Steve Miller Band, answered incorrectly by PAX_penalty 12 burpees OYO

Run to picnic tables: BTW 12 count from all PAX

12 urkins, 12 dips, 12 durkins, REPEAT

Mary: 12 WWII situps, 12 AHs, 12 flutterkicks, 12 AHs, Plank

Announcements: Verse of the day (12 themed WO) Romans 12:2, Qs needed at Crucible, Prayers: Mayhem’s wife, Kris (friend of YHC).  YHC prayed us out.

QIC: Dabo
Workout Date: 10/12/2018
The PAX: Tinkertoy, HoneyBooBoo, Barney Fife, Grady, Superstar, Pygmy, Mr Rogers, Beavis, Sanddollar, Marmalade, Papercut, Moneywrench, Pothole, Laces Out, Thighmaster,Pinkslip,xxx, xxx, Dabo

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