This was my 300th post this morning.  From June 3rd, 2017, until today, I’ve enjoyed every single workout.  Even the VHS suckfests and The Murphs were worth it.  Big thanks to all the men who’ve been there in the gloom with me.


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops (20)

-Windmills (10)

-Helicopters (10)

-Moroccan Night Clubs (15)

-Cotton Pickers (15)

-Sumo Squats (10)


The Thang

 I love working with coupons.  If you pick the right size—not so heavy that you can’t do anything and not so light that you can do 1,000 reps without tiring, you can get that “good sore” feeling a day or two after your workout.  Love it!

Mosey to the SuckBlock pile and grab a cinder block and mosey back to the parking lot.

Keeping with the 300 theme—


Partner up and do a modified “300” Dora-

-100 Bicep Curls

-100 Triceps Extensions

-100 Weighted LBCs

-Partners switch off working and running the 300-yard perimeter of the bus loop parking lot


Partner up with a different partner for another “300” Dora

-100 Left Block Merkins (left hand up on block)

-100 Bent Over Rows

-100 Weighted Lunges (each leg counts as 1 rep)

-Partners switch off working and running


Partner up with a different partner for another “300” Dora

-100 Right Block Merkins (right hand up on block)

-100 Heavy Freddies (each right knee counts as 1 rep)

-100 Step-Ups (each right leg counts as 1 rep)


Return the SuckBlocks and mosey back to the flag.





Count-a-rama:  8 PAX



 -The Wake F3 shirts are available for order through this Friday, the 26th, at https://f3.mudgear.com/collections/active-preorders/products/f3-ne-wake-shirts-pre-order.  Long sleeve, tank tops, and the other options from last order are available.  Spit Valve will be placing an order on Thursday if you want to avoid shipping costs.

-Carpex Triple Down – Saturday, November 17th, at Bond Park – 0545-0625: Ruck, 0630-0730: Phoenix (F3), 0800-0900: MoneyPenny (FiA).  Do one, two, or three (all are co-ed) and then share in some fellowship afterwards with pastries, juice, and bacon.

-Spartan Beast – Saturday, November 17th, 1015 – Join Floppy and Boingo’s team.  $195 for open wave.  Details at www.spartan.com.

-White Street Brewery evening runs on Tuesday nights – 7 pm – 3-mile and 5-mile options


Good work, men.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.

QIC: Spit Valve
Workout Date: 10/25/18
The PAX: Bertie, Cricket, Floppy Disk, Frosted Flake, Rio, VHS, FNG Amnesia, YHC Spit Valve

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