AO: Ground Pounder (South Wake)
Workout Date: 07/31/21
This is the final Carpex Q of this year’s Q Swap Week with South Wake. What’s this Raleigh guy doing Qing this workout? Well, Your Humble Correspondent (YHC) signed up to Q before the Swap Week was announced and managed, via intense negotiations with BFF Disco Duck, to hold on to the slot. I did pick up a couple of Carpex shirts from Mudgear to make sure I represented appropriately.

Warm Up:
State the mission, check for FNGs(0), and give the disclaimer.
To give South Wake the full Carpex experience, Pledge that Allegiance
Side Straddle Hops x20 In Cadence (IC)
Good Mornings x5 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward x10 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse x10 IC

Main Event:
1) Mosey to the playground and split into three teams, rotating in one team at a time to perform five pull ups while the other teams performed As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) Merkins, then squats. Continue until everyone has performed pull ups three times. Execution was clunky; YHC is still trying to smooth out how to pull this off, since pull ups usually get overlooked.
2) Mosey to the jogging path for Train Tracks. Repeato until each PAX has jumped for three cycles.
3) Mosey to rock pile and grab a rock for rock work in the open parking spaces. Curls, Overhead Press, Triceps Extensions, Bent Over Rows, American Hammers, WW1s, maybe others I can’t remember. Rep from the frisbee golf tournament comes over to ask how long we were going to be blocking the parking spaces. Did I mention there was a frisbee golf tournament going on in the park at the same time? We wrapped up and moved on. Totally forgot to call Grounder Pounders. Very missed opportunity.
4) Mosey to the wall behind the baseball field for 10-15-10 “bench”work pyramid. Left-Right Step Ups, Irkins, Dips, Little Gyno Crunches (LGCs), Derkins.
5) Mosey to restroom building for Balls to the Wall (10 count/PAX), People’s Chair (10 count/PAX), and Australian Mountain Climbers x10 IC. Mosey back to playground for Mary.

Dolly x10 IC (WWW correctly begins to channel Callahan mumble chatter here)
Homer to Marge x10 IC
Rosalita x10 IC
Heel tap Freddy Mercurys x10 IC
WWW suggests Pamela Andersons, so I ask if he wants to demo and lead them. Affirmative. x10 IC
Not sure if there were any more exercises.
Stretching to close it out. World’s Greatest Stretch with Pigeon Pose. Not “Olivia Newton John crap,” as Forceps called it. LOL.

9 PAX (5 South Wake, 4 Carpex)
Prayers spoken and unspoken.

Naked Moleskin:
I had grand plans for a double train track exercise that met in the middle, but not enough PAX and three cycles were more than enough. Sheesh!
Someday I will figure out a smooth way for PAX to get in pull ups when bars are available.
T-claps to Site Q Forceps for the rockin’ 80s playlist. When he called the stretching Olivia Newton John crap, I totally thought he was dissing his own playlist and didn’t recognize A-ha’s greatest pop hit.
When I called Little Gyno Crunches, DOA heard “Little Dino Crunches”. I could only imagine crunches with little T-Rex arms.
The dust up with the frisbee golf guys wasn’t really a big deal, he just asked how long we were going to be. I did enjoy The Park is Mine back in the 1980s and usually spend way too much time coming up with titles for backblasts so I just went with it.
Two for coffeeteria. YHC and WWW.
This was my eighty-sixth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q (eighty-ninth overall). Next Q is Saturday 8/7 at Catalyst for my seven year anniversary.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: WWW (Carpex), Peeping Tom (Carpex), Rikers (Carpex), HAZMAT (South Wake), Dusty (South Wake), Rico Suave (South Wake), DOA (South Wake), Forceps (South Wake), Pigpen
Workout Date: 07/31/21