AO: Diver Down
Workout Date: 08/24/21
I’ve been putting off the swim Qs for quite some time. A combination of: 1) Snowbird’s Olympics-themed challenge for August (post 3 swim AOs or post 3 run AOs) and 2) concern that COVID measures might restrict or squash Q plans for later in the year led me to jump right in and sign up. I posted Diver Down last week in preparation, and many months ago, Science & Math gave me a pep talk and advice on how a novice swimmer could Q these workouts. His main advice was to break exercises up in chunks of time, then you didn’t need to worry about the six taking forever to complete something. I also cribbed some exercises from my son’s swim team practice the night before.

Warm Up:
8 minute warm up (oops on the mission and the disclaimer)

Main Event:
1) 10 minutes: 50 free, 50 choice, 50 free
2) 10 minutes: 75 choice, 75 free, 75 choice
3) 10 minutes: 3-5-7 breathing for 75 free, 25 choice
4) One more round and warm down

(See: “Warm Down”)

Announcements and Prayers

Naked Moleskin:
Many, many thanks to Science & Math for his support and encouragement.
I also learned Summer is not very busy for the city pools, so there was no risk of being stuck in the deep (DEEP!) end.
This was my ninety-seventh #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q (one hundred first overall). Next Q is Saturday at Deep Six.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Au Pair, Gepetto, Science & Math, Junk Drawer, Spit Valve, Pigpen
Workout Date: 08/24/21