AO: Deep Six
Workout Date: 08/28/21
Dice reminded me at Aquaman that Deep Six was a full hour. I figured one or two more exercises wouldn’t be too hard, but I did jot notes on my arm with a Sharpie/Dry Erase before we started. And once again, I cribbed some more ideas from my child’s sim team practice the night before (my daughter this time).

Warm Up:
8 minute warm up

Main Event:
1) 50 free 50 choice (10 min)
100 IM (10 min)
3-5-7 breathing, choice (10 min)
25 free, sprint on 3s (10 min)
50 free 50 streamline (5 min)

Warm Down

Announcements and Prayers

Naked Moleskin:
It was a long hour, but we made it! And as Dice likes to point out, nobody drowned.
Again, many, many thanks to Science & Math for his support and encouragement.
The streamline/kicking exercises I got from my daughter are no joke. At all. Even got some mumble chatter from Dice and the regulars.
This was my ninety-eighth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q (one hundred second overall). Next Q is Wednesday at Whoville (Carpex).

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Dice, Wilson Phillips, Madoff, Science & Math, Au Pair, Pigpen
Workout Date: 08/28/21