AO: Any Given Sunday (South Wake)
Workout Date: 08/22/21
I saw an opportunity to combine my Q quest with F3 Raleigh’s second annual VOYO (Virtual On Your Own 10K) and I took it. Yes, running with a group is not very OYO. Thank you for your concern.

Warm Up:
State the mission, check for FNGs(0), and give the disclaimer.
Everyone else preran, so we skipped the warm up, discussed the course and got moving.

Main Event:
1) Run VOYO 10K (Out South entrance of Womble Park, going clockwise around the ball fields, follow Grigsby to Raleigh, then Right on Holly Springs. Turn around at Linkland, detour into Jones Park and then back the way we came to start)

I think we did some stretching?

Announcements and Prayers

Naked Moleskin:
The South Wake hospitality has been great. I posted the week prior and mentioned my Q plan at COT, making sure everyone was cool with that. I also wanted to give pre-Cobains to any sixes for whom we wouldn’t come back until the end. Lipstick suggested the main route and everyone was supportive today.
187 appointed himself as my personal trainer who ran with me, managed traffic, and encouraged my pace. I won’t forget it. He helped me to a 10K PR of 53:19 (even though I cropped it too far for Strava to recognize; this was the day I learned 10km>6.21mi, not by much, but enough; D’oh!)
This was my ninety-sixth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q (one hundredth overall). Next Q is Tuesday at Diver Down.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: 187, Boy George, Skidmark, Lipstick, Maybelline, Pigpen
Workout Date: 08/22/21