AO: Possum Trot (South Wake)
Workout Date: 08/18/21
Really bad thunderstorms were in the forecast, so I wasn’t sure how many would show up or if we would need to find an alternate AO. Two PAX rolled in and the thunder never showed. We worked out in a steady drizzle.

Warm Up:
State the mission, check for FNGs(0), and give the disclaimer.
Warm Up exercises

Main Event:
1) Number of the Beast with an accidental 7th station we decided to keep. This definitely added to the difficulty as well as the time commitment.
2) Group rock work. PAX took turns calling and leading various rock exercies.

Various abdominal exercises. Finished with Have a Nice Day in the drizzly rain.

Announcements and Prayers

Naked Moleskin:
Rollback’s Smiley Face headband was on point!
FRAM’s favorite part was the Have a Nice Days on the wet tennis court in the rain. It was pretty nice.
This was my ninety-fifth #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q (ninety-ninth overall). Next Q is Sunday at Any Given Sunday in South Wake.

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Rollback, FRAM, Pigpen
Workout Date: 08/18/21