4 PAX (2 from far off lands) arrived in the brisk morn for a Thursday installment of pain. Apparently they had coordinated their visit through something called Twitter, which the day’s Q is woefully insufficient at. With no set workout, but plenty of ideas, the PAX set off for a tour of the facilities.

The Thang:
Tobacco Trail jog: ~1/2 mile loop of darkness with warm-ups at the halfway point.

SSH x 20
Merkin cadence x 10
Mountain climbers cadence x 10
LBAC x ??
Windmills x 10

Jog back to the PAINground
Rotating exercises
Pull-ups x 10
Rows x 20
Swing pulls (in plank position with feet in swing, pull swing toward head with feet) x 15
Swing Merkins (Swerkins) x 10


Yog to the turf field for circuits:
Merkins x 10, 50 yard sprint and back
LBC x 15, 50 yard sprint and back
Carolina Dry Docks x 10, 50 yard sprint and back
Jump Lunges x 10 each side, 50 yard sprint and back
Burpees x 10, 50 yard sprint and back


Run to lighted parking area
6 stations, 6 reps, 6 exercises
Merkins x 36
Carolina Dry Docks x 36
Air squats x 36
Peter Parkers x 36
Donkey Kicks x 36
Knee to chest jumps x 36

Mosey back to concession stand for Mary:
LBC cadence x 30
Heels to heaven x 30
Hello Dolly x 30
WWII sit-ups x 30


It was awesome to see some of our distant F3 brothers come out. Welcome to the fold Kumquat and Kotters to Earthmover.
Strong work from the War Daddy, banjo.
Banjo mentioned that his church in Cary is looking to start a workout group. They are invited to the 5/10 Convergence.
F3 Durham Resurgence on 5/10/14, 0700