It was another beautiful morning and I didn’t have much planned.  I figured we would just wing it and see how things turned out.  Of course when I pulled up to the parking lot it was already full, and more PAX were washing in.  I thought to myself “Oh boy, great time to wing it duffus!”.  13 of the PAX had been out since 5am for a little pre-surf rucking.  They appeared out of the tide carrying logs, kegs and kettle bells just in time to join the warmup.

Gentle warmup in the waves:
30 SSH, 30 Imperial Walkers, 30 Squats.  At some point while calling out cadence I had to remind White Shoe it’s not polite to sit on the hood of The Stang while adjusting his knee-highs.

The Thang:
Mosey over to the rock pile (after asking if there was a rock pile anywhere).  Instructed the PAX to select a LARGE rock they couldn’t throw too far.  Utah picked up small mountain.  Run with rocks looking for an area large enough for 27 guys to throw rocks and not hit each other.  Form a line and instruct the PAX we would be doing “squat-toss bear-crawls” across the field.  Squat, throw rock forward on the way up, wait for rain of rocks to settle, bear-crawl to your rock, repeat.  5 burpees when we reached the other side.  Turn around and do it again.  Return rocks to pile (I know where it is now!)

Mosey to baseball field, count off into 2 groups.  Group 1 sprint to outfield and back while group2 does people’s chair with arms raised.  Flapjack.  Group 1 sprints to outfield and back while group 2 does balls-to-the-wall.  Flapjack.

Inchworms to first base, bear-crawl back to home

Jack-webb’s (4 count) 1 to 8

Mosey to soccer field.  Group 1 runs through the woods (3-4 min run) while group 2 does 8 point man-makers.  Flapjack.

Mary: 30 LBC, 15 diamond merkins, 30 WWII situps, plank medley, 12 Freddie Mercurys

COT:  Orwell took us out in a BOM with his usual eloquence. Prayers for all those in need and blessings to Denali and his wife on their upcoming bundle of joy.

Glad to have a visiting Charlotte PAX (Jeckyll), AND he brings an FNG (PoopDeck).  Now that’s the way to F3!