A little something for everyone this morning at Flood Zone.  22 PAX.  Lots of healthy mumblechatter, McGruber cursing, Fazio complaining about being Sir Fazio, Maize attempting to take over as Q by calling cadence during the Mary battle, PAX forgetting how to count, a 15 year old FNG wearing skater gear, and YoYo sleeping thru the entire workout.  Thru it all, YHC persevered and we did some exercising.

Extra Credit:  Jog around the mall perimeter with several stops along the way.  Merkins, burpees, prisoner squats, kareoke, bear crawls, crab walk (Denali objects and refuses to participate, claiming it’s not really exercise), more burpees, up some steps, maybe a few other things.  It was early.  Really early.  Back to the start to pick up the rest of the PAX.

Warm-Up:  SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 16, Mtn. Climbers x 15, IW x 20.  Jog over to The Ramp.  It needs a name.

The Ramp:  Three groups.  Due to some incredibly complex planning, one group (rotating) is always running up/down the ramp.  The other two groups are doing AMRAP exercises.  Said exercises were merkins, prisoner squats, wide merkins, jump lunges, little baby irkins, little baby dips, plank, super derkins, burpees, flutter kicks, heels to heaven.  All in all, everyone got up and down The Ramp 10 times.

Cackalacky Choo Choo:  This one seems to have fallen off the F3Raleigh radar, so we split into two groups and went thru the Choo Choo twice.

Competitive Mary:  two groups.  Group one calls a Mary exercise and the number of reps.  While the other group does as ordered, group one planks.  Repeat several times.  Counts were either 20 or 25.  LBCs, WWII sit ups, Freddie Mercuries, Nipplers (McGruber’s favorite), maybe a couple of others.  Finished with 10 reps of Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (one group), 15 reps of 8 count Man Makers.

Jog back to the cars for COT.

-Komen Race for the Cure is June 14.  Sign up so Lamp and Fazio have some company.

-HiFidelity mile test will be May 20.  Come out and see how you do.

-May 10 is CHurham’s resurgence.  Call people you know in Chapel Hill and Durham and get them out.  It’s gonna be huge.

-Continued prayers for Dufresne, Ernie’s sister, Floppy’s daughter, and all others in need.

-GoRuck is next weekend.  Support those dudes.

-Ratner was McGruber’s cousin.  I think he was 15, and he did the entire workout in Vans and a skater lid.  He has no idea what Fast Times at Ridgemont High is, much less who Mark “The Rat” Ratner is/was.  To my knowledge, he did not call Fazio “sir.”