A strong Pax of 17 for YHC’s maiden Q at Late Night.  As the Pax gathered, some fella from Charlotte (Dredd) showed up with shovel flag.  After about 10 seconds of quiet time, said Charlottean came out of his shell to entertain while YHC led the PAX through a beautiful April morning.

SSH x 30
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15 (both directions)
Seal SSH x 25
Good Mornings x 20
Mountain Climbers x 25

Down the Greenway to First Bridge (we shall call it the “long bridge”)
Bear Crawl across long bridge
Once gathered on other side – Prisoner Squat x 20

Down Greenway to Second Bridge (“short bridge”)
Bear Crawl across short bridge
Prisoner Squat x 20

Run to parking lot in back of auto lots

Grab a rock from rock pile in back of lot
Curls x 25
Tricep Extension x 25
Put down rocks and prepare for Merkin-Suicides which were run to first light pole – 40 Merkins OYO and back then run to second light pole 20 Merkins OYO and back
Pick up rocks but pass to your left
Curls x 20
Tricep Extension x 20
LBC Suicides to both light poles with 40-20 counts OYO
Back to rocks but again pass to left
Curls x 25
Tricep extension x 25
Merkin suicides again with 40-20 counts OYO
Return rocks to pile

Run to short bridge – crab walk short bridge
Prisoner squats x 25 (cadence by Box Jump)

Run to long bridge – bear crawl across long bridge
Prisoner squats x 25 (cadence by Paisley)

Head back to Greenway entrance for Mary

Hello Dolly x 25
Freddie Mercury x 30
Rosalitas x 25 (cadence by QTip)
Merkins x 20 (cadence by Honeydew)

Prayer requests for Dufresne and his family; Who and his family

Dredd took us out with a powerful prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  I hope everyone enjoyed the workout!