Not your normal day at the Jungle that is Urban: A new F3 quartet was introduced and the Midtown Park and Amphitheater was opened by F3. Almost perfect F3 weather brought a PAX of 27 out for a down painment. Many of the PAX were still sore from the previous gloom’s beatdown from a fitness test or ruck training but that didn’t stop YHC from challenging the PAX to fight the soreness.

The Thang

Warm up: Mosey to Target parking lot. Imperial Walkers, Mtn climbers, Merkins, Good mornings and Sealjacks

The Challenge: Backward run up hill, frogger across six forks to Bagel Hill.

Start one end of parking lot for merkins, run to middle of lot for burpees, run to hill bearcrawl up, backward bearcrawl down, run back to middle of lot for jump lunges back to start and plank.
Pax did merkins in cadence then same count for rest of exercises OYO.
3 rounds, x 10, x 15, x 20. NO 10 counts, plankorama while waiting for PAX to finish. Before x 20 round YHC let the PAX know I stole most of the workout from the queen bee city and challenged them to push themselves if F3 RDU wants to improve our performance in the F3 Superbowl. The PAX responded as expected.

Mosey to the new midtown Park and Amphitheater, formerly know as GSP (goose shit park).
Bearcrawl up ramp to the stage for Merkins x 20. Stage jump off to wall for toe taps x 20, dips x 20, toe taps x 15, irkins x15. NO 10 counts.
Run to end of park and back.
Patner up: Partner one plank, partner two jump over legs of partner 1 x 20, flapjack.
Run to end of park and back.
Grab partner again for low plank hold partner 1, jump overs with burpees partner 2 x 10, flapjack.

Mosey back across Six Forks with a stair bunny hops on the way.

Mary: Dying Cockroach x 20, American Hammer x 30.



-Costo, Gnard Dogg and Two other unknown PAX (who probably want to remain that way) decided to climb on stage after bearcrawl and perform “you say he’s just a friend.” I will let the rest of the PAX who attended let you know what they thought of the performance.

-Nice work by Marley setting and keeping the pace throughout the workout.

Keep asking those who need F3 to come out for a workout, no excuses, pick them up.
Prayers for Who, who lost his father and Dufresne and his family.
Sorry for the delay in posting the BB, I know I left a lot out, but I am old.