8 pax braved the calm coolness of the morning as the VSF was planted in the north(ern occupied) country.

Mosey to the soccer field for the warm up.

SSH x 25, GM x 15, IW x 20, SSH x 25, WI x 20, SSH (double time) x 25.

Mosey to the Loo area for the trifecta of plyometric pain. (don’t try this if you are a flood zone regular)

Squat hold jump ups x 4 (they were long low squats), low plank hold plyometric merkins x 4, quick feet x 20. Repeato x 3.

Take a quick jaunt over to the basketball court.

peoples chair x 20, followed by a sprint to the other side.

low plank hold x 10, followed by a return sprint.

Burt’s dance x 15

lunge walk followed by prisoner’s chair

TO THE HILL! (raise fist in air and run triumphantly)

The Stopwatch…a wonk classic of various forms of merkins whilst rotating on the hill beginning in an incline merkin position, through the decline position, returning. Those who “post” at the mall won’t ever know the joy of the stopwatch. It is never on sale.

run to the field to take advantage of the freshly painted lines.


bear crawl/burpee long jump suicides.

lunge walk.

karaoke and back.


LBC x 25, RLBC x 25, Rosa x 20, Dolly x 20, heels to heaven ten count around, WWII x 20.


SSHDT (Side shuffle hop double time) x 20 straight into a low plank hold. SSHDT x 25 into a chilcut, Chilcut sarkozy and putin, SSHDT x 25 (tripled for CK)


Announcements: Wonk is Q’ing an info downpainment at his church parking long on 5/1 at 0600. FUMC Cary. It is not, at this point, a beta test.

CK Announced that he is handing over the site Q mantle to Burt and CeeLo. Prayers go up for CeeLo. Burt will spend the next few days at the F3 World HQ (surf side location) training for his responsibilities. CK has done a great job, all are sad to see him hand it off, but know that he will remain present, lest we run a block over and cadence count in his yard.

Prayers: Many family members will illnesses and for DuFresne and his family.